Overview And Effects Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse in American today is amongst the most saddened topics of mankind. Many children are subjected to neglect and abuse on a daily basis. The sex and age of child makes no difference when it comes to child abuse.. Boys and girls are equally likely to suffer maltreatment. The problem is how often child abuse goes unreported. Millions of children across the world are abused in some way, whether it is verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. Child abuse has been happening all over the world to young children, however many children keep this a secret because of fear of what could happen. Child Abuse consists of any act of commission or omission that endangers or impairs a child’s physical or emotional health and development. It can be damage to a child that cannot be easily explained and obvious that it is not an accidental incident.
There are many different types of abuse. Verbal, emotional, physical and sexual are the most familiar. With physical and sexual being two of the worst, never underestimate the power of what verbal and emotional abuse can do to a child as well. Physical and sexual abuse all contains negative emotional components. Therefore relating but not underlining each abuse in full terms. Many children experience emotional abuse without there every being a “clear point” to an adult that it is happening. This is the same with verbal abuse, not all, but many may never notice a child is being verbally or emotionally abused until spending a little time with them. There are always signs in abuse, one just has to know what to look for and who to call when confirmed. Physical and sexual abuse can actually be seen. They are definite scars and bruises that are not just accidental injuries. They can usually not be explained by the child or even the parent.
Emotional abuse plays more on the physiological role. It is allusive unlike physical abuse. The people doing it or seeing it may not even know that it is happening. Emotional abuse can change a thought of a child. A positive to a negative if you will. Then eventually many thoughts a child may have will direct to completely negative. Emotional abuse can be crippling to a child’s everyday life. Humiliation, judging, criticizing and degradation are just some forms of emotional abuse. Verbal abuse is not the same, but can identify with the silent scars as emotional abuse. These kinds of abuses will interfere with a child’s development and may be more likely to have self-esteem issues than most children. The physiological effect will ultimately damage a bond between the child, and the attacker.
Physical abuse is a non-accidental trauma which can refer to fractures or any other physical sign on the child’s body. Many children will have bruises, cuts, burns, and even bite marks. Physical child abuse is seldom ever a single event. Usually it occurs often and increasing in violence. A child abuser is usually close to the child, usually, but not all cases, a parent or guardian. Often...

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