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Overview, History And Current Structure Essay

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Overview, History and Current StructureThe organization that I choose is Rite Aid Inc, which is well recognized throughout the U.S. Rite Aid, is one the three largest drugstore chain in the U.S. and it is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast. The short-term goal of Rite Aid pharmacy is to return solid profitability by the following four strategies: growing pharmacy script counts, achieving front-end sales growth, controlling expenses, and improving customer service (4). The long-term goals of Rite Aid pharmacy Inc are to continue to be one of the nation's leading drugstore chains. In addition, Rite Aid retail stores are committed to provide customers the excellent support, programs and merchandise that they need with the idea to make every day life a little easier and healthier. In order to do this, Rite Aid provides great care and more convenient for their patients. For an example, customers with prescriptions at Rite Aid stores can order their refills online at for same-day pick up at the Rite Aid store of their choice (3).Thrif D Discount is the first Rite Aid's store that was opened in September 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania; by 1965, the company rapidly expanded to five northeastern states with many new stores. In 1968, Rite Aid Corporations was officially named. In 1972, ten years in business, 267 Rite Aid stores was operated in ten states. Rite Aid had become the third largest retail drugstore chain in the U.S in 1981; also Rite Aid passed the $1 billion sales mark for the first time in 1983. Acquisition of the 1,000-store chain, Thrifty Payless Holdings, Inc, which is the largest drugstore chain in the Western United States, Rite Aid expanded its operation to the West Coast. In 1999, Rite Aid made a move to partner with that is internet pharmacy to offers online health, pharmacy products and beauty. In 2007, another remarkable point is that Rite Aid purchased the Brooks and Eckerd drugstore chain that create the largest drugstore chain on the East coast. Currently, Rite Aid has about 4,800 stores throughout 31 states and District of Columbia on both East and West coasts and employs approximately 109,000 associates with fiscal sales of about $25.7 billion (4).Rite Aid Inc is a drugstore chain and also a retail that sales materials and merchandise for daily basic needs. One of the most recent notable unique feature that Rite Aid pharmacies offer is immunization to their patients. Rite Aid pharmacist have been trained to administer immunizations; this would attract more patients coming to the Rite Aid pharmacy. Furthermore, Rite Aid currently offers the Wellness Rewards Card that is free for everyone. Wellness Rewards card gives customers 10% discount instantly for all Rite Aid products. Patients who fill prescription at Rite Aid will receive 25 points when using the Wellness Rewards Card and one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases. The reward for patients who have earn more than...

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