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Craig WilliamsonNHS Nursing CadetsKey Skills -Part 3Unit communications level 2 and IT level 1's.What needs to be done?From my part one research I have to choose a career path that's interests me, find two articles which are written for the career (magazine articles and so on). The articles must be at least 1000 words long and one of the articles must contain a image that relates to the article it's self. I have to print a hard copy of each of the articles also. Then I have to pull out or highlight the main points in each of the 1000 word documents to summarise each of them using similar points on the same subject to create another 1000 word document (summary/essay).I have chosen to take the articles that I'm going to use from off the work wide web, the internet. My articles are about Midwifery and then within midwifery I am specifically choose the articles which relate to home birth and they are both written by Midwives themselves. A lot of the summary or essay will be written in my own words so the articles are argumentative (against or not against home birth).Summary of the two documents.Allowing woman who wish to have their babies at home, a home delivery may make them feel more relaxed and secure during birth.Each day 20 babies will be born at home in England and Wales. This is a small number compared with the 1,580 who will be born in a hospital. But it is likely that each birth at home presents a struggle by parents to achieve having their babies at home.If a woman wishes to have their baby at home she will be under a lot of commitment testing for her wish to be granted in England or Wales because she will have their senior midwife visiting and also they will be seeing their GP constantly whom will be always trying to persuading that mother should have their baby in hospital.Expecting mothers will also be referred by their own midwifes to see a GP whom isn't their family GP so he will maybe be a lot more supportive to the mother to be for her home birth.Some expecting mother's when asking for a home birth could be surprised to see their request taken as normal they may even be lucky enough to have a GP who supports home birth and respects woman who ask for this, some midwifes will also be pleased that the expecting parents/mother has chosen home birth but not many GP's in the country support home birth.Not many people have chosen to have their babies at home because, it can cause a stir/disturbance between relatives and friends arguing or...

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