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Child Abuse
Child abuse has been known one of the major destructions of lives in the society. National center for injury control and prevention for child maltreatment has made it known that over a million of children suffer from child abuse, while some children lose their lives from maltreatment. More than seven children die as a result of child abuse, and some programs have been developed in order to help children from being abused. There are only four major types of abuses: emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect. Child abuse has been found to have bad effects on the lives of the abused victims. Psychology shows that children who are physically abused tend to develop some aggressive behaviors towards themselves and their surroundings, and children who suffer from emotional abuse tend to build unhealthy relationship in their adulthood. Many children grow up with no proper care from parents and this can make them dangerous to themselves and the society. The purpose of this essay is to explain the problems the abused victims are faced with and how child maltreatment can be prevented. Research performed by some authors has also shown that children who are abused have the tendency of becoming abusive parents themselves. Some abused children find it difficult to build a healthy relationship with people resulting from their abuse experiences. Child abuse is everywhere in the world, it occurs in all cultures, races and it is a problem that attention has not being fully focused on, therefore child abuse should be prevented and stopped.
Child abuse is described as a harmful behavior on the children whether physically or mentally. The most common type of abuse is the physical abuse, this is because it is easily identified by people and attention is called upon. People find it difficult to identify these other types of abuses on the abused victims which are: emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. This occurs because the signs of these abuses do not have visible scars left on the abused victims. Children that suffer from neglecting from their parents have been described as sometimes shy, children that suffer from this type of abuse then to become shy in public, they are likely to be close minded and sometimes find it difficult to connect with other people. Studies have showed that children whose parent abuse alcohol or drug are likely to be abused ten times more than the children whose parents do not abuse drug or alcohol. According to a Research, history made it known that child abuse has existed for a long period of time, in some cultures child abuse is considered as a legal issue. In many cultures, parents are allowed to beat their children and take full responsibility over the children. In some areas in Africa child killing is very common and children are used to appease the gods or supernatural beings as rituals. Some studies were done on the prisoners in prison, and studies showed that 14 percent of the male prisoners were...

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