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Overview Of Cloud Computing Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Cloud computing nowadays are used widely not only in business area but also in schools especially in higher education. Cloud computing is used to store and to keep save user data in the ‘cloud’. Instead of transferring data using hard disk or any other methods, using cloud computing service can help store data to the cloud straight away. Cloud is a model for sending on-demand services, infrastructure, and application software using the network. For instance, Dropbox is one of the cloud computing services where it provides free storage to allow users to save photos, videos, or any documents that users wish to store and at the same time by using cloud computing, users are allow to share them easily. Cloud computing have many useful characteristics despite the usefulness of cloud computing, it also have drawbacks such as the security issues.
1.1 Characteristics
There are several main characteristics of cloud computing which include resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. In order for resource pooling to work, the user will need to provide resources and gather them, therefore it can serve various consumers using multi-tenant model publicly. Resources might include processing, different kind of storage, memory and email service. Rapid elasticity is a cloud network or services which can be broadened and contract. It is never a troublesome job to add in or exclude new computers in the cloud. Nevertheless, as the amount of users increases, it means that the provider or the server will have to increase their strength. Whereas measured service is computing resource that can be control by both consumer and provider of the utilized service. The charges are based on per usage metrics which mean you pay for the amount that are being used up.
1.2 Deployment models
Cloud is divided into four different types which are public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and lastly hybrid cloud. In order to make work progression more efficient, users can choose the most appropriate model by comparing the four deployment models, and depending on different levels of requirement. For public cloud, it is usable by everyone with function and services delivered through the access of internet. Most users will choose this cloud when they are doing group work as it is open to the public. A private cloud is a cloud service that sends information through some private network however private cloud is operated for specific organizations and is used or managed by the organization or behalf of certain specific organization. In addition, community cloud is private cloud infrastructure that supports certain association, which includes two or more organizations. For hybrid cloud is a combining of different methods of proceeding resources such as combining public and community clouds together.

1.3 Delivery Models
There are basically three different types of cloud computing service model. The three types of delivery models are Software as a service or...

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