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Communication which flows from the superiors to subordinates is known as downward communication means a process of starting communication process from upper level to lower level. Group leaders and managers use it to assign goal, provide jod instruction, explain policies and offer other feedback about performance. Managers can do this in various ways such as via speeches, messages in newsletter, e-mails, leaflets, bulletin boards, memos and others. When the managers of the organization assign goals to their employees, they are using downward communication. The downward communication occurs when information and messages flow down through an organization's formal chain of command or hierarchical structure. In other words, messages and orders start at the upper levels of the organizational hierarchy and move down toward the bottom levels. Responses to downward communications move up along the same path.In an organization structure, the superiors utilize their abilities to attain the desired targets which mean that they may be engaged in issuing commands, directions and policy directives to the persons working under them at lower levels. When engaging in downward communication, managers must explain the reason why a decision was made. One study found employees were twice as likely to be committed to changes when the reasons behind them were fully explained. Although this may seem like common sense, many managers feel they are too busy to explain things or that explanations will “open up a big can of worms.” Downward communication is to provide relevant information, orders, instruction to subordinates. Downward communication is called as instruction type communication system.
There are some purposes of downward communication. First, downward communication is used to give directives. When the managers give orders to the employees, it is basically downward communication. Therefore, downward communication is used to give directives. Next, downward communication also is used to give information. Organizational procedures, practice and policies are conveyed to the employees by using downward communication channel. Other than that, it is also used to give feedback to the employees. The managers give feedback to employees using the channels of downward communication. Lastly, dthe purpose of downward communication is used to provide ideological information. Ideological information and organizational vision and mission are communicated to the employees through downward communication channels. Therefore, it also serves as organizational goals.
While upward communication, it is just opposite communication to downward communication. For example, it is initiate from employees/subordinates/workers to superiors/boss.Upward communication is the process of information flowing from the lower levels of a hierarchy to the upper levels. These separate ranks created a one way flow of information in an organization and it was from top to bottom. This one way...

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