A Review Of Glory, Includes Biographical Information On Matthew Broderick And Denzel Washington As Well As An Analysis Of Three Published Reviews

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Includes biographical information on Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington as well as an analysis of three published reviews Needs better transitionsGlory captures the heroism of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw andthe first black regiment in the Civil War, the Massachusetts'Fighting' Fifty-fourth. An extremely talented cast and crewearned three Academy Awards (cinematography, sound and supportingactor) and five nominations for their work in Glory. Theoutstanding cinematography, sound, score and acting recreate theevents leading up to the Union attack on Fort Wagner on July 18th1863.Matthew Broderick portrays the young Bostonian abolitionistCol. Robert G. Shaw who takes command of the Fifty-fourth,following the Emancipation Proclamation. Shaw along with CabotForbes (Cary Elwes) leads a band of ex slaves, servants and otherblack volunteers including a rebellious runaway slave Trip(Denzel Washington), Shaw's educated childhood friend ThomasSearles (Andre Braugher), and a former grave digger Rawlins(Morgan Freeman). Together these men face the adversity of aracist Union Army, struggling to prove themselves worthy of theirgovernment issued blue uniforms.After months of training and exploitation for physicallabor, the Fifty-fourth gains the opportunity to fight in anattack on Fort Wagner on the beaches of South Carolina. Poisedto dispel the belief that blacks would not be disciplined underfire, the Fifty-fourth leads the almost suicidal attack on Ft.Wagner. There Col. Shaw valiantly falls and the Fifty-fourth,suffering great losses, displayed the courage that persuaded theUnion to enlist many more black soldiers.Matthew Broderick delivers a noteworthy performance in therole of Col. Shaw, which Leonard Maltin calls his most ambitiouspart. In an interview for the New York Times, Broderick spoke ofhis method acting,'The first step [in preparing for the role of Robert GouldShaw in Glory] was to try to learn as much as I could about thereal person. That was mostly from letters, photographs,descriptions and a poem by Emerson. The thing I had to do wasbring myself into that situation. I didn't want to be animitation of what I thought Shaw must have been like.'Broderick's acting talent has been noted on Broadway as well asin films. Broderick won a Tony Award for his performance in'Brighton Beach Memoirs' in 1983, a year after his film debut inMax Dugan Returns. (Maltin, 102) But it was his role as acomputer hacker in War Games and his role as a handsome youngteen touring Chicago in Ferris Bueller's Day Off that alertedmoviegoers to his talent.Denzel Washington has received critical acclaim for his roleas Trip (as well as an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor).Denzel commented on the role of Trip in an interview with the NewYork Times.'Trip's an instigator - wild, rebellious, angry. He's aproduct of racism who's become a racist. He hates all whitepeople, Confederates most of all. But in the end, when he seesthe white officers make the maximum sacrifice, he's the...

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