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Overview Of Poverty In The Us And Solutions For Columbus, South Carolina

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Imagine a father that is out of work and cannot provide for his family, a child that is living on the streets and starving, and an elderly man that doesn’t have a home. This is what is happening throughout the nation: poverty, homelessness, and starvation. Many people are experiencing these same situations, in Columbus County, North Carolina, and the problem needs a solution. According to the recent analysis of the general population and the statistics of Columbus County, poverty and hunger are significant issues that could be solved through community aid. With this alarming information, a solution is possible as long as the steps are taken to find one.
Poverty is the state of being poor and is a large scale across the United States. It is a makeup of hunger and homelessness and doesn’t discriminate. It can hit anyone at anytime and hit hard, with children receiving the worst blow. The National Center for Children in Poverty state “More than 16 million children in the United States- 22% of all children- live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level- $23,550 a year for a family of four.” (“Child Poverty”).
Recent statistics show that 1 in 5 children live in a household, in the U.S., that struggles to put food on the table, 16.2 million children live in households that are not able to provide the necessary nutrients on a regular basis. Because of these unfortunate situations, the children will battle with hunger during some part of the year. This is known as Food Insecurity, which is the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food (“Food Insecurity”). Food Insecurity is very common throughout large cities, as well as the areas around the cities. Children who live in food-insecure households are prone to more stomach aches, headaches, sickness, more hospitalization, iron deficiency anemia, and chronic health issues than children who are food-secure. Research also shows that behavioral problems are high in 3 year olds, school children show psychosocial deficits as well as high anxiety and depression, and teenagers show high suicidal symptoms along with depression (“Hungry kids aren’t getting the resources they need”).
Homeless children are also a big issue within the U.S. The National Center on Family Homelessness reports that 1 in 45 children experience homelessness each year, which comes to 1.6 million children in the U.S. These children are not usually noticed, but are counted. The startling part of this, is that these numbers have been rising and quite quickly. The health issues that these children can experience are no better. They are sick four times more often than children who have a home. They can receive four times as many respiratory infections, twice as many ear infections, four times more likely to have asthma, and much, much more.
Violence is also a problem with these children. Some children, by the age of 12, have experienced at least one serious violent event and roughly 25%...

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