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The Blessing of Hermes The Sirens of Titan is a story about a New England aristocrat Winston Niles Rumfoord, who encounters a temporal anomaly, called a "Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum" while traveling in his private spaceship together with his dog Kazak. Due to this, they both exist only as wave-spirals between the sun and Betelgeuse, materializing on Earth for a short while every 59 days. Malachi Constant, the richest man in America, is invited to one of these materializations and, while there, is prophesied by Rumfoord that he will travel to Mars and father a child on Rumfoord's disdainful wife Beatrice. Both Malachi and Beatrice try to avoid the fulfillment of this prediction, which is equally disgusting to both, but of course things turn out exactly the way Rumfoord had foretold. They are forced to join an army on Mars that consists of the outcasts of the Earth, who are brainwashed into human machines and consequently lose their identity.We are introduced to Boaz for the first time in this Martian army encampment. He was a boy who was recruited when he was 14, and had been on Mars ever since. His rank was that of a Private, First Class, but he looked more sophisticated and urbane than the superiors round him. The writer's description that, "Boaz's uniform followed every movement with silken grace", suggests that he was skillful and spruce. Boaz was Unk's "˜buddy'. In the Martian army, every man had a buddy to share the same foxhole with and to cover each other. Boaz was not bold, courageous or gallant. Boaz had a liking for Unk, and was the only one who essentially understood Unk's feelings. Boaz was dominative by environment. He never succumbed to any superior. This comes to be known when Captain Burch comes to the army tent and Boaz was slow about coming to attention. He seemed impudent, loose and leering. This reflects that Boaz lacked modesty and did not heed much to the habitual laws. Boaz had a control box, through which he could control anybody with an antenna in their skulls. Boaz had no antenna in his own skull, and his ability to be in command of others deems him to be a person of special rank. Boaz was a real commander in the army of Mars. He was in command of one-tenth of the force that was to attack the United States of America. Boaz was enjoying his fortune being in control of the troops and did having any antenna in his own skull. His was free and did not mind having fun at the cost of others. But no matter how happy he might have been, there was a gnawing feeling of anxiety in him. He was constantly worried and felt insecure about keeping his fortunate position in life."His smiles never lasted very long. Somewhere deep inside Boaz was worried sick. He was worried sick about loosing his job." Boaz was not satisfied with his life. He was discontented for not being able to enjoy the pleasures on earth. He envied Unk for the fortune he had on Earth. Unk was periodically subjected to Boaz's aggravation through the...

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