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Overview Of The Hunger Games Trilogy

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“I volunteer as tribute,” shouts Katniss Everdeen on Reaping day in District 12 as her younger sister apprehensively walks to the platform after her name is drawn. From this pivotal moment, readers instantly become engrossed and obsessed with the trilogy, “The Hunger Games,” and the succeeding novels; “Catching Fire,” and “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. This moment of strength and fear for the life of a sister, exposes the world to a heroine like never before and a story like no other. The setting of “The Hunger Games,” takes place in a futuristic world that punishes the citizens of the districts around a capital, Panem. The citizens in the districts are punished for a revolt that almost destroyed the country years ago, with an annual and televised fight to the death (Reno). The fight is named, The Hunger Games, and is centered around twenty-four young citizens fighting until only one is left standing. With its fierce characters, enthralling plot that keeps you on your toes, and deep morals of life; “The Hunger Games” trilogy is a book series worth reading.
The characters in “The Hunger Games” are everything but the conventional stereotypes. A far cry from a damsel in distress, Katniss Everdeen, the main character, is actually the one who saves the men and starts a rebellion for a better tomorrow in the fictional world of Panem. With skills that can rival the best men, and a heart full of love, Katniss is an admirable female protagonist from beginning to end (Sullivan 2). For the love of her family, Katniss puts herself in danger everyday by disobeying the law and crossing the border of district 12 to illegally hunt for food. For the love of a sister, Katniss sacrifices herself for the games in place of her young sister, Primrose (Dockterman). And for the love of her people she glues a target on her back to become the leader of a rebellion. Having committed so much of herself to taking care of her family and her people, Katniss is one of the strongest female characters in this book as well as many others. Also as noteworthy as Katniss, is the bread-baking boy who lived through the games with her, Peeta Mallark. The most endearing part of Peeta is his sense of purpose and loyalty. With only one out of twenty-four contestants coming out of the games alive, Peeta feels certain that it will not be him. However, even with the fear of death hovering over him, Peeta is determined to stay himself through the games and show the Capitol, that it does not own him. His unwavering loyalty to Katniss as well is also something worth mentioning, as it is the string that kept him and Katniss alive. As well as the main characters, are other characters who add just as much depth and love to the story. Of these exceptional characters include Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ sister. After Katniss sparked the rebellion, Primrose dedicated her time and ultimately lost her life helping the innocent victims caught in the crossfires of war. Another character is Gale, whose...

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