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Overview Of The O.J Simpson Trial

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Nicole Schrager
Mr. Smyrk
English 10R
17 March 2014
O.J Simpson Trial of the Decade
The O.J Simpson trial was one of the most influential trials in the world. All around the United States people were constantly keeping up with what was going on in this trial. People had many different opinions. Most importantly O.J Simpson himself was charged for domestic violence of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman.
O.J Simpson was born on July 9th, 1947 in San Francisco, California. He had a successful college football career at USC. He won a Heisman Trophy. He was a huge success in football. However, Simpson is now remembered for the murder trial of his wife Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman.
Kato Kaelin was one of O.J Simpson’s tenants, and lived on the property. Kato Kaelin was thrown into this trial, because while living on O.J Simpson’s property he would hear noises, and thumps in the house before the murder. Kaelin today, about 24 years after the murder say’s that Simpson is guilty for murdering Nicole and Ronald.
Kaelin became a minor celebrity after he testified the criminal trial in which Simpson was acquitted for. He is best known for describing the three thumps he heard from his guest house on Simpson’s estate, the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman were killed. Kaelin also testified in the civil trial about the noises he heard saying “like someone falling back behind my
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bedroom wall.” Kaelin was trying to say that Simpson made the noises when he bumped into the air conditioner behind Kaelins wall, while trying to jump over a fence to get back to his house after the killings. Kaelin was a struggling actor, who became an instant celebrity after his televised testimony. Testifying that he left Simpson standing in the driveway after a burger run to McDonalds at 9:37 on the night of the murders, and that when he saw him at 11oclock there were no cuts on his hands.
The O.J Simpson trial was not just monstrous event. About 4-5 years after, Simpson walked out of a Los Angeles prison as a free man. This trial needs more output and in depth conversation. This trial was not just a pompous trial. It had demonstrated much admiration to a bunch of criminal justice issues, and how contradictory along racial headlines America still is today. This trial produced a lesson on how many do believe how not to handle a criminal trial like this.
There is so much evidence in this trial that shocked people all around the world. Blood drops were found, along with bloody shoe footprints, bloody socks, bloody gloves, hair fibers, and so much more evidence that made it all stem down to Simpson murdering his wife Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman. There was so much DNA evidence involved that made everything harder for O.J Simpson to try and walk out as quickly as he could as a free man.
Simpson had served a not guilty verdict despite all of the incidents of domestic...

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