Summary Of "The Swallows Of Kabul"

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First of all, in chapter five, Atiq went to the mosque for the Isha Prayer. Then, he left and wandered around the city. Unknowingly, he arrived at the jailhouse. He decided to spend the night there. So, he lit up the lamp and lied down. Suddenly, he got scared to see Nazeesh behind him. As you can see, Atiq met Nazeesh a decade ago, when he was a mufti in Kabul. Then, Nazeesh told the sad story of his old father. He also told him that he wanted to die by walking into the ocean. He was describing the way of his coming death for a long time. Furthermore, after the discussion on his old father and his plan of death, he left that place. After that, Atiq also headed towards his home again. On the way, he started to think about his wife and whether she was continuing her role of sacrificial victim. Finally, he decided to stop her from doing any kinds of works and to treat her much more gently and nicely.

In chapter six, Zunaira wake up early in the morning. She had still not forgotten the misunderstanding of the previous night with her husband, but she found that her husband was still upset and he was waiting for her. Moshen was also thinking about the past days with Zunaira. They married at very young age. While thinking about these kinds of stuffs, he was suddenly called and served breakfast by Zunaira. When he was eating breakfast, he asked her to go out with him. At first, she refused him, but at last, she agreed to go out after he had convinced her. Though she firstly refused to wear burqa, but later,...

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