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The cardiovascular system - The cardiovascular system is responsible for transporting nutrients and removing gaseous waste from the body. It consists of the heart, which powers the whole process, the veins, arteries, and capillaries, which deliver oxygen to tissue at the cellular level. The cardiovascular system carries blood that is low in oxygen away from the heart to the lungs via arteries, where oxygen levels are restored through the air once oxygenated, this blood is then carried throughout the body via arteries, keeping our organs and tissue alive. The cardiovascular system is the workhorse of the body, continuously moving to push blood to the cells. If this important system ceases its work, the body dies.
The cardiovascular system is divided into two systems a pulmonary and a systemic. Pulmonary division- blood flows from the heart to alveolar capillaries and back to the heart. Systemic division- blood flows from heart to every capillary “except alveolar” and back to heart.
The cardiovascular system has 3 main functions
• Transportation- The cardiovascular system transports blood to almost all of the body’s tissues.
• Protection- The cardiovascular system protects the body through its white blood cells. Platelets and red blood cells form scabs to seal wounds and prevent pathogens from entering the body and liquids from leaking out.
• Regulation- Blood vessels help maintain a stable body temperature by controlling the blood flow to the surface of the skin (Terfera, David, and Jegtvi)
Why do we need to exercise? With out exercise many of our bodies arteries in the cardiovascular system can become clogged and bring on much unwanted cardiovascular diseases. Exercising regularly helps us maintain a healthy weight if already fit and lose weight if not fit, we will maintain strong bones and muscles. Exercising regularly can help our sleep patterns at night and help us maintain pretty good moods though out the day. Last but not least exercising regularly helps us maintain a strong healthy heart.
Novice versus elite athlete benefits at different stages.
Novice athletes are usually beginner type athletes they are the type of people that don’t have previous training or proper technique at the beginning so things might be harder for them. While they are more likely to quit if pushed to the limit if they don’t quit novice athlete are more eager to learn easier to train and are willing to listen more than an elite athlete that might be set in their ways already.
Elite athletes are usually more advanced and know that it would be smarter to put a 5 or 10 pound weight on the bar so that their not drained by the end of a work out. Elite athletes are usually more advance when it come to work outs and drills and have a certain way they already do it,
What are the injuries/illnesses a person is exposed to because of their regular exercise? Overload working the body so hard that you begin to break down your whole body system leading to life threating...

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