Overview Of The Three Main Breeds Of Pigs In The Usa

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Furthermore, there are three popular breeds of pigs that are the background for swine production within the U.S. The breeds are the Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire. All the breeds are separated into classes from colored breeds to white breeds. Sounds like the words say it all about how to distinguish them, but really it comes to meat quality and successful raising traits. Colored breads are selectively bred for leanness, efficiency, and meatier bodies. They are considered the best hogs to raise in America because they are the faster market weight breeds. White breeds are strong in the large litter and docile (calm and manageable) areas. They tend to milk their young better and produce more. The key most commercial farms use in the U.S. is to combine these genetics, which is why the Yorkshire is the only white breed mostly used today.
Moreover, the first colored breed animal is the America Duroc. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th edition specifically states that the breed “originated in the 1800s in the United States from crosses among a number of res strains existing in that region. This specimen is red in color a little bit smaller than the other breeds with drooping ears. Many people use the Duroc for crossbreeding because it has the highest meat quality of all breeds. The sows are relatively good mothers, which again adds to why it is the most bought hog in America. Mike Smith prefers this breed to everyone that comes to him looking to buy a feeder pig.
Secondly, the Hampshire comes of English roots. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia adds that the breed was introduced to America in the 1800s and shortly after major improvement of breeding took place in Kentucky. It is a very distinctive because it always has a black body with a white band circling its shoulder region. Any time the band is not circling the body or if splashes of white are shown the pig are marked discounted because it is not issued a pedigree document. Hampshire purebreds are considered legendary because of their hardiness and productivity. Even if not purebred the breed is known for having rapid growth and amazing leanness to their offspring. They do not produce large litters only about eleven per litter, but many people believe that the colostrum within the Hampshire sows is nutritionally better than any breed out their.
Next in line is Spotted is a rare colored breed in a way that it successfully has the total package of hardiness and good litter size. This is China’s most favorable breed of pig and was created around that area. The Spotted have a tan body with black and white spots covering the body. Its ears are droopy and the body length is very long for most colored breeds.
The last of the top colored breeds is the Berkshire. It is another one of China’s favorites, but is used a lot in America as well. A hundred years ago you could find this breed with a short snout and nose. With proper selective breeding over the years the snout has literally...

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