Summary Quirke: Communicating For Change (Managing Corporate Communicastion)

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Quirke: Communicating for Change- the pace of organisational change is accelerating.- organisations' cultures can provide a competitive edge. (invisible issues, values)- poor communication is the main barrier to achieving change.- managers are often under the wrong assumption that they must 'drive' change and make it happen.- people like to be in control of their environment and any change is a threat of that ability.- the less power you have the more likely you are to resist.Reasons for resistance:- A lack of understanding of the need of change:You must provide a framework. However, the more information is shared, the greater the debate will be and the less likely is the simple acceptance of decisions.- A lack of the context or environment:People may not be interested in learning about it. They may not share the management's value of making a profit.- A belief that the change violates the core values of the organisation:E.g. changes in the public sector. If people feel that their values are being betrayed, they are likely to stay loyal to those values. When the workforce is comprised of professional specialists, changes should be aligned to professional values, otherwise there is a greater resistance.- A misunderstanding of the change and its implications:People may have a different understanding of the benefit of change and value areas differently from their managers. People resist change when it might cost them more than they would gain.A belief that the change is not in the best interest of the company:E.g. the board underestimates the difficulties of competing on an international stage.A lack of trust in those introducing change:Greater resistance if the relationship of those introducing change and those affected by it is bad. The organisation's culture plays a major role: in a climate of trust people contribute and open up. A climate of distrust prevents a free flow of communication: People e.g. generate memos and reports to cover their own backs and to justify their existence. E.g. large distribution lists may reflect that the environment creates a need for the individuals for a visible status, not a need of information.A lack of belief that the leadership is serious about making changes:A lack of belief that the leadership is capable of making change happen:A perception that the change is unfairly selective:Not all people are informed sufficiently. The people who introduce change assume that others have the same information. People may feel that the change is a violation of their actual contract with the organisation. Resister can see themselves as protectors of the values of the organisation.Communication strategy:- the more time you spend communicating and talking to your people, the better. The more you try to push the change, the more assertive you are and the more resistance you create.- a common problem is the lack of time: middle managers are told to communicate, but not allowed the time to do it properly.What is the best balance...

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