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The phrase “I do” is common during many marriage ceremonies today, but what did earlier societies believe about love? In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, the point is clearly made that love can be controlled. In Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick is tricked into loving Beatrice by Claudio and Don Pedro. This is very similar to Ovid's Metamorphoses, in which love is triggered by Cupid inflicting his love, or lack thereof, on both people and gods.
In both Much Ado About Nothing and Metamorphoses, it is obvious that love can be manipulated. For example, in Metamorphoses, Cupid shoots Apollo with an gold-tipped arrow, forcing him to fall in love with Dapne, a river nymph, whom Cupid had shot with a lead-tipped arrow. This is described by the following passage: "and from his quiver drew two arrows out [ ... ] for one engendered flight, the other love; [ ...] One [Apollo] is in love now, and the other one [Daphne] won't hear of it." Apollo and Daphne” pg 1030 - ln 650, 652, 657-658. This showcase's one of Ovid's main points throughout the Metamorphoses, that love can be manipulated. Here, Cupid evidently has power over Apollo, one of the twelve major gods. Apollo, as the god of archery, mocks Cupid for being a little boy with a teeny bow. Apollo soon regrets his mockery and admits that Cupid is the ultimate power. " ' Although my aim is sure, another's arrow proved even more so' " “Apollo and Daphne” pg 1031 ln 717-718. If even one of the major gods professes that love is the true power, then it must be rooted in Ovid's beliefs. If love can be manipulated, then it makes sense that our love is not under our control.
It is also clearly stated in the Metamorphoses that our love isn't under our control. In the story of “Jove and Europa,” Europa admires Jove in bull form, but she most likely does not love him, after all, he's a bull. Yet, Jove carries her away to be his lover. "The daughter of King Agenor [Europa] admires him [Zeus in bull-form], astonished by the presence of peacefulness and beauty in the beast." “Jove and Europa” pg 1039 ln 1179-1181. This shows us that Jove controls Europa's destiny. Just as Jove controls Europa's love, Cupid can control anybody's love. For instance, in the story of “"Ceres and Proserpina"”, Cupid shoots an arrow at Dis (Pluto) to make him fall...

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