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Anesthesiologists And Surgery Essay

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People have elective surgeries as well as emergency surgeries every day. The medication needed for these surgeries is administered by an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists must make sure that their patient gets the proper care they need for pain management. Anesthesiology is one of the highest paying jobs on the market. Accordingly, the schooling needed to become this highly trained doctor requires a lengthy time investment. On average, a student has to be in school eleven years to fulfill an anesthesiology degree. Job projections forecast a promising future for those seeking employment in this field of study. Anesthesiologists have very important jobs for the well being of people.
Anesthesiologists take care of patients’ body signs while they are in surgery and also with their pain management during surgery (“Physicians” para. 10). During the surgery they give the patient anesthetics or drugs. These drugs help relieve pain the patient feels during their surgery or any other procedure (“Physicians” para. 10). They will also position the patient onto the operating table to make them feel comfortable and surgically accessible for surgery (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). Most use local, intravenous, spinal, or caudal methods to inject the anesthetic for sedation; the anesthesiologist prepares the patient for surgery (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). They record the types and amounts of amnesia used(“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). They also watch over the patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate (“Physicians” para. 10). After the procedure, they decide when the patient has recovered from the anesthetic and is able to go home (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). Anesthesiologists can also help prepare patients for emergency surgery, by maintaining life support and airway management (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). Outside of the operating room, an anesthesiologist gives pain relief for labor and delivery, intensive care units, and people with chronic pain (“Physicians” para. 10). They also have the power to order laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 1). A successful anesthesiologist must posses the skills of communication, organizational, problem solving and leadership. They must be compassionate, detailed oriented, and have lots of patience. Physical qualities include dexterity and stamina. (“Physicians” para. 26). Flexibility in work schedule is definitely required of an anesthesiologist. Many long hours, including evenings and weekends, are part of a typical work week (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 3).
Anesthesiology can require over 11 years of schooling. (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 10). Most people will spend 2-4 years in an undergraduate program and 4 years to get a medical degree (“Anesthesiologist” What’s para. 10). All must complete undergraduate work in English, math, physics, chemistry, and biology. Some also take courses...

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