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High performance sport in Canada is seen to ameliorate our nation’s identity, unity and pride. Increasing these aspects does not come freely, athletes and the staff around them must be funded properly to help Canada train and prepare for high performance sports. The most well respected high performance sport venue in today’s society is the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This paper is intends to acknowledge the contributions of Own the Podium as one of Canada’s largest sport organizations for high performance sport. Own the Podium helps fund high performance Canadian athletes for the Olympics and Paralympics. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader how Own the Podium is assisting in many key areas in Canada’s sport system. Also, this paper will state the very detailed vision and mission statements from Own the Podium made for Canada’s high performance athletes and the goals in mind for the future Olympic games. Specific indications on how Own the Podium has a direct impact on this broad topic of high performance sport, how they intend to carry out their goals and their dedication towards these athletes and future athletes. This multi-sport organization is the backbone of the hopeful success of Canadian athletes in the highest regarded sport spectacle; the Olympic games.
The broad policy goal that Own the Podium, a multi-sport organization, continually funds is high performance sport. This high performance sport is associated internationally, specifically the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the High Performance context, the most talented athletes perform at the highest levels of competition. Athletes require highly specialized coaching, facilities, and athlete services. In turn, athletes are expected to show respect for, and adhere to rules and ethics, and to demonstrate a strong commitment to succeed at the highest level (Sport Canada, 2012). High performance sport is the backbone of Canadian pride and is the reason for our nation’s identity and unity. This broad goal of being more successful in high performance sport can have a direct impact on sport participation in Canada. If we as a country succeed in our goals at a high performance level, you can expect kids that watch and follow the results of our athletes will also want to participate in their specific sport. The strengths of high performance sport are evident; that it will increase Canada’s Identity, Unity and Pride. However, the largest barrier to overcome is the price that comes with funding these high performance athletes and their supporting staff for them to succeed over other countries athletes. Overcoming this issue of funding these athletes is helped by organizations like Own the Podium. Own the Podium contributes a large portion of what the government distributes yearly to Canadian high performance athletes.
After Canada was awarded the 2010 winter Olympic games and Paralympic games, Canadian sport federations came to the conclusion that they wanted to improve their high...

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