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The inadequate knowledge of dog psychology in owners not only unveils their neglect of responsibility, but models their poor assessment in dog behavior pertaining to the individual breed; in addition, it confirms their shortage of precautionary measures to suppress aggression within the dog. In Don Kapp’s “It’s More About Owner Than Dog,” owners overlook their incapacity to meet the desires of the certain breed. When a person acquires an animal, its essential to acknowledge all “responsibility.” And by this, owners must study about the precise breed, it’s personality type and be able train and “socialize” them. Some owners however, discount the need to adjust early signs of disobedient behavior during the peak “first five months,” where suitable behavior of a dog can be conditioned. Owners tend to treat all dogs alike, yet not all dogs are created equal. All dogs have an intensity of aggression; nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the owner to warrant that they attain solutions to contain that aggression. Trevino and Shuit’s “Mauling Death of Boy by Dog Spurs Warning,” exemplifies the need of owners to inhibit aggression within a dog before it directs to maulings. “Payaso,” a male pit bull conceivably “lulls” owners with affection leading them to believe the animal is normal.
Owners show their lack of knowledge by misconceiving the dog’s actions as excitement instead of an indication for aggressive tendencies. Its disheartening to witness dogs being victims of neglect by owners. All animals bestow unconditional love and deserve the same in return. Owners are like adopted parents and must make certain that the animal is disciplined at a young age so that they mature into healthy and productive adults. This can be done by setting boundaries and rules. Like children, pets also need to be nurtured with love and necessities such food, water, and shelter. If the care is insufficient, they will become defiant and act out aggressively. Facilitation of a well-trained dog isn’t grueling; it presumes initiative on the owner’s part to be active and most notably responsible.

Dog owners arrange the animal for disobedience when they disdain the degree of aggressiveness during breeding and further exacerbates mal-behavior of the dog when it isn’t instantly modified; correspondingly, fails to acknowledge reprimands while caring for the animal. In “Half Dead and Other Dogs From Hell” by Robert Jones, we learn of dogs that fall victim to owners neglect. Some owners who participate in “dog-fighting” excuse their neglect for the animal for their selfish “economic imperatives.” By this, owners have “incentive” to “produce strong fighters” by running “backyard operations” breeding the animal to “attack.” Accordingly, owners overlook the level of aggressiveness of the dog and disobedient behavior is inevitable, as “generalized aggressiveness” matters....

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