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Most exotic animals are endangered and owning them could act as a backup population if they become extinct and pit bulls are perhaps the most abused dog on the planet. A domestic animal is one that has been tamed by man over many generations and lives with people, exotic animals are the animals that are meant to be in the wild and not tamed.
Many people don’t believe that exotic animals and pit bulls would make good companions, but in fact, they actually do. Exotic animals can make people feel loved and we all know that love is an incredible emotion that feels marvelous. They can become your family, they are like babies they need someone to care and give them the same love that they give us ...view middle of the document...

(Gladwell) (Huemer) (Newbit)
These animals that everyone rumors to be dangerous are wrong, these animals can be the gentlest animals you have ever met. Despite occasional reports of wild kangaroos attacking humans in Australia, Rush’s kangaroos display not a hint of aggression and neither do any of her other exotic animals. Even though exotic animals may sound dangerous because of the word exotic in their name they are not in fact dangers from exotic animals are low. Pit bulls aren’t dangerous either; it is doubtlessly against their nature to act vicious towards someone. Even when they are fighting or about to enter a fight they still show no human assailment. Studies show that both German Shepard’s and mixed breed dogs each responsible for more bites than pit bulls. Pit bulls only do what is asked of them, they just want to please us to the best of their abilities. Why do people blame the pit bull because the bite someone when in reality they should blame the owner because the owner made them that way.
When people say pit bulls are dangerous, they are only making a generalization. A generalization is when you say something to be true when it’s not always the truth. The media also gives pit bulls a bad name by making them into a fiend of mythical proportions. Even in cases of severe abuse this dog’s stability of temperament stays even, it doesn’t falter. How many other breeds of dogs do we know of to remain level headed when they are abused? Not many, most dogs would just turn mean and aggressive, the pit bulls don’t do that. (Slater) (Huemer)
Although exotic animals and pit bulls make good companions they can also be dangerous. In 2006 a 2 ½ year old boy named Jayden and his father were walking home when Jaydon was attacked by 3 pit bulls. When pit bulls attack they don’t stop, they just kept attacking. “I’ve never seen a dog go so crazy, they were like Tasmanian devils” says Gauthier. (Gladwell) Pit bulls are willing to fight with little or no provocation so it is not a surprise that they attacked Jayden. Pit...

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