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Oxygen Essay

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What is Oxygen? Oxygen is part of the air we breathe. All body tissues and organs must have oxygen to live. In people with lung disease, the oxygen supply to the body is poor.What Does Oxygen Do? If the oxygen level of the blood is low, extra oxygen may: 路 牋牋牋牋Help prevent a strain on your heart.路 牋牋牋牋Improve activity.路 牋牋牋牋Decrease fatigue and depression.路 牋牋牋牋Improve brain function.How Do You Know if You Need Extra Oxygen? An arterial blood gas sample tells the doctor how much oxygen is in the blood and how well your lungs are working. This test differs from other blood tests. The blood is drawn from an artery not a vein. Usually the artery in the wrist is used to obtain the blood specimen. Arterial blood comes directly from the lungs. The doctor uses this test to determine if your blood is being properly oxygenated. If your blood is not being properly being oxygenated, the doctor may provide extra oxygen.Facts about Oxygen.Oxygen is medicine. It should only be used according to your doctor's orders.If the doctor puts you on home oxygen, it may be for the rest of your life. Oxygen is not "榓ddicting'. Lung tissue does not grow back, so you cannot expect your condition to improve enough to discontinue the use of oxygen. As long as your lungs are not delivering enough oxygen, you will have to help them.Be sure to use the oxygen only as the doctor has ordered, as oxygen overdose is very dangerous. If you find you need to use oxygen more hours of the day than ordered, tell your doctor.Oxygen is always delivered by liter flow or percentage. Always use your oxygen at the prescribed flow or percentage rate.If used properly, oxygen should help you to feel better and to live longer.Safety Tips.Be careful! High concentrations of oxygen will make smoldering objects burst into flames. Also, oxygen under pressure will explode if it gets too hot. Follow these rules for your safety: 路 牋牋牋牋Oxygen should not be kept near an open flame including lit cigarettes. This is true even while oxygen is not in use.路 牋牋牋牋Turn off oxygen when it is not being used.路 牋牋牋牋Do not run oxygen tubing under clothing, bed covers, carpeting or furniture. Keep tubing in the open.路 牋牋牋牋After filling your portable liquid oxygen tank, if your main liquid system continues to vent oxygen for a long time, you must call your dealer for help.路 牋牋牋牋Keep portable liquid oxygen tanks upright. Allow the venting to finish. Be careful to keep hands and face away from escaping gas.Driving with Oxygen.1. 牋牋牋牋Never smoke in the vehicle.2. 牋牋牋牋Do not place a liquid oxygen system on its side; this could cause the oxygen to leak.3....

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