Ozone Depletion Essay

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Ozone Depletion

The world's ozone is depleting on a daily base. Individuals and industries are to

blame. If we don't slow down what is being introduced to the atmosphere, the effects on

humans and the earth will be devastating. We must stop killing the earth's ozone by

watching what CFC's get released, car pooling to control automobile emissions, and stop

industries from polluting our atmosphere. The problems with a depleting ozone layer are

an increase in skin cancer, global warming of the earth, and a greenhouse effect on the

world. Stop and look at what we can do to resolve these problems.

Chorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are used today for coolants in refrigeration for air

conditioning, propellants in aerosol spray cans, and as solvents in the production of

electronic equipment ( CQ Researcher 303). When CFC's are released into the

atmosphere, they drift upwards until they reach the ozone layer. When CFC's remain in

their original molecule form they are harmless (CQ Researcher 303). When ultraviolet

rays come in contact with the CFC, it breaks down the molecule part. The CFC cell

attaches to the ozone layer and begins multiplying and braking down the ozone layer.

Ozone destroying chemicals are extremely stable, so they last in the atmosphere for many

decades. That means that if production of CFC's and halons stopped today, the chemicals

already released into the atmosphere would go on destroying ozone well into the 21st

century. There is an ozone hole over Antarctic, it was discovered in 1985. Since CFC's

are still in air conditioners and refrigerators, releases and malfunctions from these

existing units could cause it to take a century to get the ozone layer restored.

Motor vehicles produce both nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Nitrogen oxides

are created when fuel is burned, and hydrocarbons are emitted when fuel fails to burn

(Conservationist 17). Automobiles, lawn mowers, chain saws, and powerboats are

examples of petroleum pollution. There were 189.4 million vehicles registered nation

wide in 1993. In 1977 142.1 million vehicles were registered nation wide. Trucks alone

have increased by 40% in the past ten years (Conservationist 17). States are requiring

that tailpipe emissions meet established standards, thur inspection of motor vehicles.

Many States require that gasoline pumps have a vapor recovery unit on them while

refueling at service stations. James Close, an environmental specialist, says, "States have

joined other States to adopt a tougher motor vehicle emissions standard for hydrocarbons,

nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide ( Conservationist 18)

Industrial pollutants were primarily a problem well into the 20th century. Tall

smokestacks capable of despensing pollutants over large areas were wide spread.

Scientist has also traced the surprising levels...

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