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P.E. Part Of The Cure Essay

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Physical education or P.E., the first time some children have heard of exercise so why take it out of the curriculum? The children of America need their exercise in order to live long very healthy lives. The reason I know this is because my family growing up did not have to have Physical Education in school and because of this they are having heart and health problems at very young ages. Physical Education should be required by grade schools in the state of Texas to reduce their risk of obesity, their risk of developing Type Two Diabetes, and their risk of heart disease. Others will say Physical Education in school makes people venerable to bullying which is not the case at all. Let’s start with childhood obesity.
Obesity something that used to be found only in adults is now being seen in children at an unprecedented rate which should worry everyone. Physical education is needed for all children at school because without it most children will have no physical exercise all day. Kids truly need to be active in order to grow up health Yen Yen Woo wrote an article in about it stating “Childhood obesity is on the rise and we feel that schools should [set aside] a lot of time for physical education” children need to learn that through exercise you can keep off obesity (Woo 1). Childhood obesity is not impossible to beat we just have to want to beat it and physical education in school is part of that solution “Too often kids are eating too much and exercising too little” in P.E. children will learn not just how to exercise but also how to eat healthy, and learn to stop eating when they are satisfied and not full thus avoiding overeating and obesity (Woo 1). Next let’s look at how physical education will help reduce the risk of developing Type Two Diabetes in children.
Type Two Diabetes is a disease that a person can develop from having poor physical health and it is starting to rise in children making it so crucial to have physical education in our schools. Physical education makes kids be active and move in a world of video games and air conditioning kids need to be active so they can avoid Type Two Diabetes the Center for Disease control says “[Type Two Diabetes] has been reported among U.S. children and adolescents with increasing frequency” which is the best time for children to learn how to live healthy and not to be developing Type Two Diabetes (Center For Disease Control 1). Physical education helps students prevent diseases like Type Two Diabetes in an article posted by Sobha Kollipara ...

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