Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Employees With Disabilities

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Walgreens is the first company ever to introduce a diversity and inclusion program within their company, which gives them a first mover advantage in the market. With this strategy, the company was able to gather a variety of skills and knowledge that competitors didn’t have in their distribution centers, well increasing their efficiency and productivity. This paper, will discuss the advantages and disadvantages that comes with hiring people with disabilities. And how, these disadvantages are not as problematic as perceived, as well as how some risk associated with these disadvantages can be mitigated. Furthermore, this diversity and inclusion program should be included in Proctor & Gamble, since their purpose and core competency are perfectly align with the objectives of the program.

Oftentimes, people are reluctant and hesitant in recruiting disabled people for the following reasons:
1. Disabled employees have higher absentee rates than those without disabilities
2. Individual with disabilities are not reliable
3. Disabled employees will need assistances in completely the job/ task
4. Company will incur additional expenses to accommodate disabled employees
5. Accident rates will increase due to hiring disabled employees
6. Individual with disabilities are less productive at work
However, these perception regarding to hiring employees with disabilities are all myths. The inclusion program introduced by Walgreens demonstrated that hiring employees with disabilities does not correlate in any way to the perception/belief that people have regarding to disabled employees. A study conducted in Walgreens’ distribution centers by the American Society of Safety Engineers showed that not only was the turnover rate 48% lower than those of nondisabled population, the medical costs were 67% lower, while the time off expenses were 73% lower. Randy Lewis, who is the senior vice president of supply chain and logistics at Walgreens told an interviewer at BLOOM that after the implementation of the disability inclusion initiative was in place, the company saw fewer accidents occurring, less absenteeism and better employee retention.
In addition to this, disabled employees were effectively working while having a positive impact on the work environment. An example of this is Julie Williard who is a disabled employee at Walgreens with velocardiofacial syndrome, this 25 year old woman efficiently works at the conveyor belt tossing 900 cases as oppose to 756 cases of toothpaste and gels into plastic bins per hour. Nonetheless, hiring disabled employees at Walgreens, had diversified the company’s culture by bringing in new perspective to the company. With the culture at the distribution centers transforming into a more engaging, teamwork environment, this led to people becoming better managers. Managers who were in distribution centers with a large percentage of disabled employees said, 'My job is to make everybody who works for me...

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