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Pace Ii Portfolio Essay

1139 words - 5 pages

PACE II Portfolio

Big Idea
Technology and Communication

Unit Topic
“All About Me”
Presenting Ourselves with Technology

I. A. Overarching Essential Question(s): (1)
How can technology be used to communicate?

Enduring Understandings: (2)
Students will know understand that…
1. Communication can be enhanced using technology and computer applications.
2. Presentation software applications are tools for communication.

I. B. Topical Essential Questions: (3)
1. What are the various forms of communication?
2. Why is organization important to communicating?
3. What strategies or tools can be used when organizing your presentation?
4. How can you most effectively design a presentation to express yourself?
5. How can technology be used as a tool to collect, analyze, and display information?

II. A. Knowledge and content covered in unit:

4. The major concepts and content being covered in the unit is as follows:
Concepts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Responsibility, Sociability, Self-Management, Information Management Tools, Collaboration, Visualization, Evaluation, Perspective, Process, Procedures, Applications.

Content: Students will first be presented with an overview of computer concepts, followed by an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Topics including printing existing presentations, creating new presentations with text, clip art, and sound, and building and modifying charts and tables.

5. The content being taught in the unit is directly correlated to the Standards identified for Presentation Software Applications. Students will learn the components of PowerPoint 2007 and be able to apply their knowledge to their authentic assessment.

II. B. Process Skills used in Unit:

6. All computer technology classes are taught at the college-prep level. There will be a variety of student grade levels (9-12) in each class. The skills being taught and measured are listed below:
a. Creating and Formatting Presentations
b. Creating and Formatting Slide Content
c. Working with Visual Content
d. Collaborating on and Delivering Presentations

III. Six Facets of Understanding

7. Explanation
Students will define various forms of technological communication
 Word Processing – Word
 Presentation software – PowerPoint

8. Interpretation
Students will work in groups to create a PowerPoint theme of their favorite music, singer or band. They will be directed to only use color, graphics, animations and transitions. Upon completion of the group work students will share their theme slide with the class and the other classmates will have to interpret and identify what type of music is being presented, as well as try to guess the band or singer name.

9. Application
Students will design an authentic PowerPoint...

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