Pacific Coffee Marketing Plan Essay

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1. Introduction
Our founder from Seattle was inspired by Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial spirit. He set out to make Pacific Coffee a community hub known for its informality and friendly attitude. Since the opening of its first coffeehouse in 1992, Pacific Coffee has provided world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong's growing demand for specialty coffee beverages, and served as a urban oasis for customers wishing to have a moment of peace in their busy, hectic life.

2. Existing Business Portfolio
In addition to world-class coffee, great food and comfortable surroundings, Pacific Coffee also strives to bring our customers the ultimate communication services.
Selling price is about $30-50. It is popularization price, For example “Espresso”, In the Pacific Coffee normal size is $35 but in the Starbucks is $40. It is cheaper than Starbucks. The working hours is about 10p.m., open all year round.

3. Current Market Situation
First, let us talk about the Pacific Coffee's strengths and weaknesses in Hong Kong market. Pacific Coffee was established in Hong Kong. That means the location of headquarters is in Hong Kong too. So the company can focus on analysis and attention to customer tastes and needs of Hong Kong. Also the products’s price is slight cheaper. This will make customers more interested to buy it.
Besides, Pacific Coffee was lack of creativity, their products rarely make changes, which will make customers feel weary bored. Then than they may purchase of other competitors' products.
Pacific Coffee's current market size is expanding .Their outlet is still expand in mainland China, Singapore , Macau , Malaysia and Hong Kong too.There are two competitors of Pacific Coffee, Starbucks and McCafé. Pacific Coffee is the Market Follower .The market share for them is status quo.

4. Existing Target Market
Pacific Coffee has two major target markets, office staff and students. The office staff's age is around 25 to 35, their income is about $15,000 to $25,000 per month. Their social class is lower middle class. Their lifestyle is accustomed to buy coffee and some food every morning. They mostly work in commercial district. Another target is students. Their age around 14 to 20.Their income is about $1,000 to $2,000.They are the student, so after class they usually chat and do team project in the coffee.

5-6. Threats & Opportunities
Pacific Coffee is mostly selling coffee. The opportunities of coffee shop are make the coffee popularization. Pacific Coffee Company is cheaper than other Coffee company; so many people will choose it. Then, the threat of Pacific Coffee Company is because most coffee shops are selling coffee as the selling point. However, Hong Kong has so many coffee shops. It's same as other coffee shop. It can't be better in Hong Kong.
We would like to include a new service for the customers. Breakfast is important for human. However, we decide a set for the customers. If a customer buys a drink, then he/she wants a...

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