Pacific Panels Brochure 2010 Essay

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Pacific Panels Brochure 2010

Pacific Panels Inc. specializes in the production of stronger, lighter and more innovative sandwich panels for our customer’s architectural design applications. Our General Purpose Panels (GPP)—utilizing aluminum honeycomb, balsa and foam cores—have the advantage of superior flatness, lighter weight and unparalleled rigidity.  The most common applications for our GPP sandwich panels are:   
-    Architectural Interiors & Storefronts
-         Retail Stre Displays
-         Elevator Interiors
-         Signage & Billboards
-         Engineered Prototype, Automation & Tooling
-         Shipping Crates & Containers
-         Solar & Wind Energy, Infrastructure
-         Clean Rooms: Electronics, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences
-         Aerospace, Defense, Marine
-         Custom Trailer & Automotive
-         Art & Graphics
-         Food & Beverage
   - Green & LEED Compliant products 
Our 16 years of manufacturing history, experience and unmatched reputation for customer service make us the best choice when it comes to bonded sandwich panels.  In this leadership role, Pacific Panels continually strives to provide the highest quality, most technologically advanced products with strength and lightweight characteristics to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of our customers worldwide.   

Pacific Panels Inc. lightweight, high-strength structural panels provide endless creative design opportunities for the storefront and retail display industry. Our unique material knowledge enables us to fabricate LOW COST solutions that meet the custom design needs of our clients.    
Pacific Panels Inc. GPP line provides our customer the flexibility to customize a panel that works best for their application. We have a varity of skin and core material to choose from.
General Purpose Panels are designated as follows:  
GPP -General Purpose Honeycomb Panel
¾ -the panel thickness...

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