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Packaging And Quality Management Essay

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Market superiority is a matter that worries a lot of producers. Every one wishes to gain a market edge in their products so as to enhance their profits. To this end, most producers have to engage their businesses in methods which will enhance their will to attain such competitive edge. This can be achieve through strategic marketing approaching to gain not only customers’ attraction but also give the product a competitive edge. This paper will seek to address some of these strategies.
One of the ways that CP Corp can gain the competitive edge they so much wish to gain is through packaging. The packaging of a product is undoubtedly the first thing that a customer witnesses when he or she goes out to shop, whether physically, online and surprisingly so even in an advertisement. The packaging thus has to have a theme that not only captivates the consumer but also one that leaves a lasting impression on them so as to associate with the product in question.
CP Corp should thus endeavor to make advantage of this concept. Potential customers will need a packaging that is friendly to start with. To this edge, provocative designs should not be used as this would bay away the customers (Brody, 2006, pp. 11-116). To illustrate this, the packaging should be in such a manner that it is easy to carry and store. A packaging model that could easily injure the customer, and or inconvenient to store could easily lose a client base despite its superiority.
Safe for the shape and design, the packaging must also be stylish. The competitive nature of the marketing industry has seen people come up with sensational designs for products. In the recent history there have been pragmatic shifts in the traditional packaging styles that had dominated the market. A look at what the CP Corp competitors have come up with is a clear indicator. Colgate no longer has the metallic tube packaging that they first had and had dominated the market then. They have come up with more sensational packaging that seems to attract the customers to picking them up out of the selection. Shopping has become a lifestyle and people want to possess stylish products and as such PC Corp should endeavor to gain a marketing edge using innovative packaging styles.
Further from these rather conventional observations, PC Corp should further come up with a packaging strategy. Packaging being an integral part of marketing and as such need to generate strategies for the implementation of the same. To this end, they should try and formulate a level structure strategy in their efforts to generate the necessary strategy. A four level strategy has been deemed to have worked perfectly for most companies especially so for CP Corp as they are trying to launch a new product which would require consumer confidence and as such needs to entice them so as to try it.
The first package should have a competitive entry price which would entice consumers to try the product. Such a strategy would enable potential...

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