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John Milton’s Paradise Lost is an epic seen as one of the greatest tales of time. Written in blank verse, iambic pentameter, Milton himself was blind when writing the story, yet manage to know exactly where he was while having his daughters write down what he was speaking. The text is heavily discussed, for many reason, but mostly on the topic of who the hero is. Lots of evidence suggests that Milton has named Satan the hero, as he fits the traits of an epic hero. He defies the head power, he goes on a journey, and he shows a lot of emotion towards the reader. Milton has an interesting way of putting things into perspective, and his theodicy of the falls within Paradise Lost are ...view middle of the document...

As said by Matt Covington, “without personal freedom the world would be a world of automata, in which love or “true allegiance” would be impossible”. Eve was created from Adam, therefore, were always supposed to be together. The clasped hands symbolized togetherness, and when they left their hands apart, then something was not good. Also, after Eve tells Adam about her dream, she suggests that they split their chores. “Let us divide our labours, thou where choice leads thee..”. Adam get taken back by this, but agrees, due to his endearing love for Eve. This is a sign that Eve is starting to fall, and because he love her, Adam will not be far behind. Milton believes that God “foresees Satan's success in seducing Eve” (Milton’s Theodicy in Paradise Lost).

After the fall, Milton raises an important question: Does gaining knowledge make you more free, or less free? Before the fall, Adam and Eve are starting to drift apart, but after they eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and learn about the fate of mankind, they have their hands together as they’re leaving Eden. They have discovered what it means to have knowledge, but they aren’t really as happy as they were before they ate the fruit. Ignorance is bliss, some could argue. The last few lines of the epic are “They hand in hand with wand'ring steps and slow, through Eden took their solitary way”. They knew more, therefore became wary about most things. Professor Stephen M. Fallon from the University of Notre Dame makes an interesting point on our free will. “We carry with us from God into the world a disposition to good, a free disposition confirmed by acts of the will adhering to the eternal moral law”. It’s believed that we...

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