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Pageant Problems Essay

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Have you ever watched the reality television show Toddlers & Tiaras? Toddlers & Tiaras is a show about the glitz of the pageant world that little girls are more than likely forced, by their parents, to participate in. It is mandatory for them to have fake tans, fake eye lashes, fake teeth, and a ridiculous amount of make-up. Not to mention the unsuitable outfits these girls’ parents vow that they wear. Beauty pageants exploit little girls and attract sexual predators.
Beauty pageants, such as, Toddlers & Tiaras have ludicrous rules that the little girls must follow to even be considered the level of an Ultimate Grand Supreme. In the “Pro Am Pageants”, it is mandatory for the child to have a glittery outfit, a fake tan, and a flipper (fake teeth). The ages of the little girls that are casted on Toddlers & Tiaras range from six months to ten years old. The show provides viewers not only with the full name and ages of these young girls, but also their hometown.
Given all of the social media and internet, think about how simple it would be for a pedophile to track down these innocent young girls and take advantage of them. Annette Hill, owner of the Universal Royal Beauty Pageant, quotes, "When we talk high-glitz, we mean the glitzier the better, and we make no apologies for it," (Skip Hollandsworth). The more that the child looks like a Barbie, the higher they will score. These little girls deserve to have a typical childhood, and not be forced to live vicariously through their parents. Many of these little girls have even stated on live television that this they do not want to be a pageant girl. Applying make-up and fake tans on these children is making them look like a grown adult. Life is too short and childhood is too precious of a time to have these children forced to appear grown, let alone perform as an adult. Imagine older men looking at your daughter and possibly having unsuitable thoughts.
Not only do parents and judges desire that these little girls prance around in little skimpy outfits with pounds of make-up on, but so do pedophiles. Although the little girls may look beautiful, despite it being unrealistic, somewhere there are nasty men having the wrong idea. Having an innocent young girl wear the short glittery dresses is bad enough, but it becomes worse when the section of the show entitled “Outfit of Choice” is presented. “Outfit of Choice” refers to exactly what it says. The parents determine what their little girl should wear to “win” the Ultimate Grand Supreme title. At this point of the show is when the bikinis, sexy cowgirls and cops, and all kinds of outlandish outfits appear.
Four year old, Maddy Jackson was publicly humiliated and was referred to by harsh names by the media, due to the fake breasts and buttocks her mother forced her wear. Isabella Barnnett was also publicly chastened by the media when they referred that the little girl was dressed like a “hooker”. It is absolutely unacceptable for the media to...

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