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Paiboc Principle And Its Application In Atari Game Manuals

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This age or 21st century has been termed as age of technology. This is the age when everything we do in our daily life has got something to do with modern technology. In other way we are making our life more complex then it was few years back. Lets take game for example, the 2oth century was the age of physical activities and sports. We used to play games in the field and if not we used to play the board games like chess billiards etc. But with the advancement of technology, we are able to play these games and even sports which required greater physical endurance with comfort by using consoles or the increasingly popular personal computer.Well, definitely they have changed the way we look at games and sports. On one side they have made the game accessible to people of all age and physical ability, on other side they have made people work hard on their technological skill, and make them get used with the modern technology. Every player has now has to learn about these new games, know about their rules and adapt themselves to consoles and keyboard and mouse to play the games. A user has to spend more time studying catalogues and user manuals before playing any video or computer manuals. And the game developer has to spend extra time to make their manuals and easy to read and understand."Game manual", that is the topic we are discussing in this essay. In this essay we are comparing the game manuals developed by Atari for its to different games and how close are they to the PAIBOC principle outlined in the book, "Business Communication, Building Critical skills", written by Kitty O. Locker, and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek published by McGraw-Hill.Atari has developed two different games called 'Checkered Flag', and 'Soccer Kid', for the age group of "thirteen and above". These two games are played with the same consoles but with different interface and different rules. The former is a game that involves racing the car with other competitors whereas later is about a kid who has to use soccer as his aid (weapon), and gain points by clearing the obstacles. Atari has developed two different types of game manuals for both of them games.The manuals made for Checkered Flag is a image centred manual. This manual can also be termed as poster manual, because the manual is actually designed in the poster format with images and interwoven text and the size and layout of manual is similar to the poster stuck on the wall. On contrary, the manual developed for Soccer Kid has no images but, the information flows in the logical manner. The context, background and rules of the game are presented in the logical manner with one following other and one information that develops concept following the other that is based on the concept.The purpose of both the manual is to make the user understand the game rule and interface. These gave has been developed for a user who has access to consoles for playing them, but just having a console doesn't make these games playable and...

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