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Division One athletics are a major staple in today’s college economy, from the financial assets it draws from its fans at the stadiums or arenas watching the events, to the multiple thousand dollar TV contracts the universities sign to televise their sporting events to millions of people around the country. Not one person can deny that Universities and the NCAA are making major money. Former athletes and sports personnel have a problem with the amount of money the NCAA and universities are making off their likeness and performances. They have such a problem with it that they believe they deserve some of the proceeds from their tenure. Division One athletes should not get paid for their tenure or performance in Division One athletics.
If we are to pay college athletes for their tenure and performance in their desired sport, how do universities pay for it? Executive Director Cedric Dempsey says that “I’ve never seen a formula that was feasible” (Maisel). If the NCAA Executive Director has never seen a formula where the NCAA could act on, how do you act against them? If they want to pay the division one athletes, who do you pay? Do you pay student-athletes that are on scholarships? If you do, then the golf athletes show up, the volleyball team, and the swimming team. All these athletes come looking for their share of the proceeds. Then, you couldn’t necessarily pay the major football and basketball program players more, because then it isn’t fair to the rest of these college athletes that put in the same amount of work and time into their respected sports.
Another argument comes into mind when talking about athletes getting paid. They are already paid by the NCAA and universities. Just not in a form of monetary value they can use on new sneakers, clothes, and video games. They get paid in the form of scholarships. Bob Williams of the NCAA says “NCAA member schools award $1.5 billion in athletic scholarships each year. Plus, the NCAA provides more than $12 million each year to assist student- athletes with special financial needs.” For college athletes that aren’t getting paid, that does sound like a lot of money to me. These athletes are getting thousands of dollars in a free education that could support a regular student for the rest of their life. It also helps that if the college athlete does go pro, he received training from a professional coach, practice time in some of the best training facilities, and some of the best food for an athlete trying to cut weight or build himself into great physical condition. How do you put a price tag on that? That doesn’t even include the media exposure that the player garners while playing for the university. The exposure can help pro team scouts see what kind of player they are and whether they should draft/sign them. Definitely not a financial...

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