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The talk about prescription painkillers prescribed by doctors are starting to be widely debated whether they’re doing more good than harm. The debate on whether painkillers are good for the human health has came into a mild and somewhat highly discussed topic within the last decade. At first prescribed painkillers were thought to be good, but these prescribed painkillers have always been like a double edge sword usually doing better than bad. The side effects from the painkillers used to be very minimal; for example the common side effects were drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, but since the world is a constantly developing place new painkillers are constantly being developed and so are their ...view middle of the document...

Now those are some good point to state about painkillers, but besides them facts painkillers are overall bad because they started to cause more damage than good and continue to do so.

Why so many people against something that can save people lives and allow them to function through excruciating pain? Well that’s because they probably aren’t the ones who are addicted or suffered the long term side effects of the pain killers or they are the people who are addicted and need help. If you pay attention to today’s news you will hear about famous stars that have died or have a strong painkiller addiction. One of the most mind blowing deaths was that of Michael Jackson also known as “The King of Pop” who’s addiction ultimately took over his life and help lead to his death.

Michael Jackson was a very talented and global superstar and was widely recognized around the world. Michael’s addiction to painkillers had been known to the world but also very well hidden. In 1993 his Dangerous tour was cancelled due to him checking into a drug rehabilitation center. Michael first started taking painkillers after he had an accident on stage filming a Pepsi commercial. During the accident he suffered hair lost, second and third degree burns to his scalp and face. This accident is what is believed to have started his long addiction to painkillers. Ultimately what was supposed to help Michael coupe with the injuries ended up making him a long term prisoner and sadly a victim of addiction to painkillers. There are many other cases where celebrities have either abused or unexpectedly suffered from prescription painkillers.

Heath ledger was also another victim from prescription painkillers whose cause of death was from prescription painkillers. Heath ledger accidental death came from an overdose of painkillers he died at the early age of 28. Heath was Australian actor and director. Ledger left for the United States in the late 1990’s to pursue a career in acting. His first big role was in a movie called “10 things I hate about you”. A few years later heath stared in Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Mountain was an American epic romantic which won 3 of 7 academy awards that it was nominated for. Heath latest role was in “The dark Knight” where he was casted as the Joker a maniacal criminal mastermind who terrorizes Gotham City and whose goal is to plunge it into anarchy. He would later win the Oscar for best supporting actor at the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood.


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