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Paintballing Essay

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An Introduction to Paintballing Preparation, Strategy, and Tactics You have probably have heard from friends about the game of paintballing. It's also known as paintball, splatter ball, The Survival Game, War Games, and The Ultimate Game.- No matter what it is called or what people refer to it as, it is very unique among all of the physical sports. It's the only physical sport that doesn't bring n overwhelming advantage to players who are bigger, faster, tall, short, older, younger, male or female. By being in good health, selecting equipment, and a playing style suited to your ability, you can be as competitive as others.As with all sports, paintball uses some words whose meaning might not be inherently obvious to non-players (Elbe, Ron, The Wizards Way, p.11). Here are some basic terminology that I use.Action- A paintball gun's operating mechanism.Back Bottle- A constant air tank that also serves as a buttstock.Caliber- The inside diameter of the gun's barrel in inches(.68 caliber is .68 inches in diameter).Carbon Dioxide- A colorless, odorless non-flammable gas. It is used to launch the paintballs out of the gun.Donkey- A connecting piece between a paintball gun's receiver and the gun's back bottle.Feeder- The guns container that filters paintballs into the gun.K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple, Stupid! Those are just some basic terms that you should start out with.Paintball isn't paintball unless you're safe. This means you have the proper face and body gear, also that means that you don't play without honor. "Victory without honor is the ultimate defeat"(Elbe, Ron, The Wizards Way). In playing paint ball there is a code of honor. This states the "Do's" and "Don'ts" while you're on the field. In tactics you learn to flank, come around behind the enemy. This is an instance where your "field honor" comes into play. You wouldn't shoot at him from three feet away, but first you give him a chance to surrender. If he declines and pulls a "John Wayne" you then have the right to shoot.The most important piece of equipment in a paintball game is not your gun, it's you eye protection(p.25) All fields should have some kind of approved eye wear for you to use, if they don't, don't play their. If you're a serious player you should go and buy the best head gear that you can. On hot days, you might what to take off your mask to let it fog out, there is no excuse to take off your mask in the middle of the field(Barnes, Bill, Strategies and Tactics, p. 25). Other safety equipment you could use is a neck...

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