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The Muslim Majority State Of Pakistan

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The Muslim majority state of Pakistan was created in 1947 when the Indian sub-continent was divided. Since then, Pakistan has been plagued with domestic political hostility and regional conflicts. Originally, Pakistan was divided into two parts (east and west) to appease the complaints of Indian Muslims. The eastern part is present day Bangladesh, while the western part is the present day Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Human Rights Watch 2014).
Over the past few decades, Pakistan has faced much corruption and inefficiency. Military dominance and civilian rule has been constantly alternating political rule. The present political situation in Pakistan was brought about by parliamentary elections in 2013 that lead to the reinstatement of the Muslim League into power (Human Rights Watch 2014).
Pakistan’s position in the global environment, it is known as an ally of the United States. After the attack on 9/11, Pakistan denounced its previous support of the Taliban regime and became a key player in the fight against terrorism. However, despite Pakistan’s efforts to maintain control over the Taliban-linked militants along their borders, the growing hostility has caused constant turmoil within the country. The Sunni extremists have been launching attacks against minority groups in Pakistan. Since 2009, Pakistan’s government has waged war against these militants in effort to flush them and their influence out of the country ( 2014).
The country’s current environment has left the country in a very fragile state. The June 2013 elections that reinstated the Muslim League party lead by current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were tarnished by bombings and a killing campaign lead by the Taliban in effort to silence the Pakistani people and put an end to the elections. The security crisis in Pakistan has been highlighted by the surprising lack of involvement of military and civilian institutions against the Taliban to end the attacks on the population. Extremist Islamist militant groups have killed hundreds of Shia Muslims already and attention has been turned to the Hindu, Christian, and Ahmadi Muslim community with deadly attacks being launched and successfully inflicted (Human Rights Watch 2014).
The number of human rights violations in Pakistan has steadily increased. Taliban militant groups have targeted religious minorities specifically the Ahmadi Muslims, the Christian community, and the Pakistani Hindus. With the Taliban posing a serious threat, counterterrorism human rights abuses conducted by Pakistan’s security forces has been a constant problem within Pakistan. Lastly, freedom of expression human rights violations has been an awareness raising issue with journalists reporting on Pakistani events being killed (Human Rights Watch 2014).
Other human rights violations have been documented spurring from the Balochistan conflict, which can be considered the country’s longest civil war. This conflict involves the Baloch people of...

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