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Pakistan Environmental Report

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Ethical Perspectives of Environmental Problems of PakistanTransformation from an agricultural to a semi-industrialized economy brings forth a host of societal problems. For emerging economies like Pakistan, development has prompted endeavors to partake of its agricultural resources. Since the country is recognized as a large importer of exhaustible and renewable natural resources and a great consumer of fossil fuels, in business activities engaging these resources, environmental problems are obvious consequences. The country is confronted with issues concerning pollution of air, water, and noise, climate change, and land degradation. Government efforts are exerted to address the environmental effects on health and sanitation, and the people's general welfare. Tighter environmental regulations by the government ministries are pursued to ensure nature's protection.As a member of the United Nations, Pakistan abides by the global organization's purpose embodied in Charter 1 Article 1 sections 3 and 4 of the organization's charter. Section 3 particularly indicates "…achieve…co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights…" Meanwhile section 4 states "…harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends." Its pursuit of harmony through cooperation and the respect for human rights embody social justice principles. As a member-nation, explained by Hartman and Desjardins as a social agreement or contract, this should guide relations of human beings (76). The care accorded to the citizens of Pakistan by its government is an expression of recognizing the inherent dignity of the people. Despite the need to boost the economic aspect of their lives, the government recognizes that in the process it cannot just do anything to others. This means that government cannot be neglectful of just promoting the economic welfare without addressing the unwanted social effects produced by development, particularly to the people's life and health. Hartman and DesJardins cite that protection is a moral right (77). This is a rational choice that Pakistan, or any government for that matter, should take. The solution to the issue in light of social justice is to ensure that all sectors of the country, whether directly or indirectly participating in both economic development and natural resource use and consequent depletion receive equal accommodation. This accommodation is achieved in the balance and harmony of each sector's interests.In the perspective of the World Health Organization (WHO), the utilitarian view is emphasized in terms of the sanitation and health consequences brought by economic development. Worsening conditions of life bringing death and illness are undesirable effects that should be eradicated. The value to health is a promotion of the human well-being. It is also a basic respect for the...

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