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Morocco and Pakistan have always enjoyed close, cordial and fraternal relations, which are deeply rooted in a common Islamic heritage. The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1958, the year during which Morocco opened its Embassy in Pakistan.Over the years, the excellent bilateral relations between Pakistan and Morocco have been strengthened and reinforced. These relations are characterized by a similarity of views and a shared perception on major global and regional issues. They have always coordinated their actions in different international forum and mainly on the level of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, where they are very active members.Political relations:The number of high official visits to and from the two sides reflect the strong will the leadership of the two countries, to make the bilateral relations live up to the expectations of the two Governments and to the aspiration of the two peoples.Mr. Abderrahman Youssoufi, then Prime Minister of Morocco, visited Pakistan from 16-18 April 2001. With a 47 members delegation with 3 Ministers, Ministers of state, advisors, senior officials and businessmen. Both sides affirmed positive stance on important issues and vowed to improve commercial relations.This visit was followed by the visit of the former Pakistani Minister of Commerce to Morocco from 3-5 July 2002, with a delegation comprising some officials and businessmen.During the former Pakistani Prime Minister's visit to Morocco in 1994, a proposal to establish a Joint Commission was discussed with late King Hassan II and Prime Minister of Morocco. Both governments agreed to establish a Joint Ministerial Commission at the level of the foreign Ministers. In this connection, an agreement for the establishment of this commission was signed on 16th April 2001 in Islamabad. The first session of the commissions is to be held very soon.This visit was, in fact, of paramount importance to the development of the bilateral relations. It was also an illustration of the strong desire of both countries to reinforce and deepen the existing ties particularly in the economic and commercial fields.The Heads of State of the two countries agreed to increase trade exchanges, which is quite below the desired level, especially that the economies of both countries offer large perspectives of investments in a different areas as well as opportunities to the business communities in Pakistan and Morocco to develop bilateral exchanges.Cultural Relations:A cultural exchange agreement was first signed with Morocco in 1967. The last cultural exchange program signed was for 1995-1997 period, which has remained largely unimplemented. However, Pakistani Qawwals have been participating at the annual Fez Festival of Spiritual Music for last few years. Their participation in the next edition is also confirmed.A Pakistani studies and Urdu language Chair was also established at the Mohammed V University, Rabat and professors were appointed against the...

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