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Palace Of Versailles Essay

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The Palace of Versailles was the official home of the Kings of France from 1682 until 1790. Originally, a hunting lodge built in 1624 by Louis XIII, but then was expanded by Louis XIV in the beginning of 1669. With beautiful architecture and amazing landscape, it is one of the most well- known and beautiful palaces in France. Its garden is so unique and one of Europe's largest. It played a huge responsibility in French government and was used for some of the biggest meetings of Kings and Queens. It is a very reflective place for the French and showed a basis of culture for the people. The small structure became the base on which was constructed into one of the most extravagant buildings in the world. The Palace of Versailles is a famous French landmark due to its elaborate construction, its role as a center of government, and its influence on French culture.
The architecture of Versailles makes it one of the most elaborate and detailed structures in history. Its amazing detail gives it the royal feeling that its send to people every day. "Built by Louis XIV, it was transformed into an immense and extravagant complex surrounded by a stylized English and French gardens; every detail of its construction glorified the king." ("Versailles, Palace of." Encyclopedia Britannica) I ts garden is one of the most well-known and largest with its tree-lined paths, flowerbeds, fountains, and lakes. The king was extremely happy with what he had built for himself, his officials, and his people. He tried to make it the best possible for everyone and have a representable landmark for France. "The Baroque style of the architecture characteristic of Versailles impresses people by its luxury, with its colossal murals, rows of monumental statues, and an immense collection of fine furniture inside the palace." (Historylines Versailles) These specials touches inside the palace made the Baroque style of the architecture really stand out. The valuable and precious furniture inside the palace is the main items that really strike the visitors when entering the palace. Going through much remodeling and reconstruction, expansion of the palace was on the biggest undergoes it went through. "In 1678, the palace was extended with the construction of north and south wings by the architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, who also built Le Grand Trianon palace." ("Versailles". The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide.) This building process continued for another 10 years under his eyes. He changed many things on the exterior and interior of Versailles. Not only was the garden and the inside of the palace something that stood out for people, but the amazing size of Versailles was also something that caught the eye. "The size of the palace is going to take over 20,000 acres and has hundreds of rooms, almost taking 27 years to build." (Varela) Most famous for its Hall of Mirrors, the palace had over a hundred rooms and with its huge area of property, the king was...

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