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The news, shows Palestinian extremists blowing up and causing terror in Jewish settlements. We see the screams, the tears, the heart break and it brings us back to September 11, the action of terrorism is an awful thing but there is a story behind this. A typical American may build this up as another attempt to try to diminish our way of life and the way of a democracy. We think that the bombings are unjustified and random exerts of anger, but in fact they are fifty years of anger built up. Also, this is not what the majority of the Arabs feel, but just a small amount of extremists called Hamas. The Palestinians have been in and ruled the region for more than a thousand years up until the Israelis came. The Jews kicked out the Arabs through international pressure and force. The Palestinians were ousted from there homes and from their land and now they are fighting back. The Palestinians deem that they are the owners of Jerusalem and the surrounding lands because of the history and culture that they posses in the land and the way that it was taken from them.The Palestinians had been ruling the region for more than a thousand years with only brief interruptions. The Palestinians base their claim on the land because of the longevity of ownership. They also represented at the time of the take over, a humongous demographic edge. In 1922 the population of Palestine (including west bank and Gaza strip) was 590,000 Arabs to 80,000 Jews and 1.1 million to 550,000 during the UN Petition. The Palestinians do not understand how that merits a take over in power of the region when they were still the majority. If the Jews wanted the land they should have fought for it by themselves and not with the international presence. The Muslims entered Jerusalem in 637 and built the al- Aqsa mosque. Later they built the Dome of the Rock; here Muslim belief says Muhammad ascended to heaven. These two shrines are known as the Noble Sanctuary and are two of the most holy places in Islam. The Noble Sanctuary also sheds light on the fact that Jerusalem is also a very holy place to Muslims as well.Palestine began to come under attack at the beginning of the 20th century. Palestine was under Ottoman Rule and they joined up with Germany to fight World War One. As the war wore on the Ottoman Empire began to be losing strength, Britain had a...

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