Palm Cafe: A Management Plan Essay

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Looking for a fine and exquisite atmosphere to enjoy fabulous coffee beverages and the finest pastries? We now offer Palm Café to the city of Boca Raton, Florida. Our new café has impeccable taste and a relaxing environment that is open to customers seven days a week. We present a great variety of beverages and snacks along with snug furniture. We also derive the most excellent coffee and tea from our private plantations across the world. Our plantations are located mostly in India and South America. Although we are just beginning, management plans on expanding Palm Cafe well throughout Florida and the United States. Palm Cafe's management will conduct thorough planning as well as utilizing the other management functions: organizing, leading, and controlling. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the following management planning issues:* Establish objectives.* Analyze Palm Cafe's current situation.* Clarify alternative courses of action.* Assess the alternatives.* Choose the best alternative.* Explain execution of plan.By discussing these points, a clear idea of Palm Cafe's mission and goals can easily be recognized. Palm Cafe isn't just another cafe. It's a location in which customers can feel at home, receive the best treatment, and enjoy delectable food and drink.Beginning with the first topic, objectives, management at Palm Café has established goals that will need to be achieved in order to further its standing in the community. One goal is to develop strong footholds in the vacation areas and resorts throughout Florida. Once that has been accomplished we can then expand our business to the urban markets both inside and outside of Florida. Another goal is to create ways in which our products will attract customers and create brand recognition. By creating a brand that customers can recognize, we can build customer awareness and brand loyalty. No one wants to buy something that they are not familiar with. An additional objective for Palm Café is to frequently focus on customer service. Employees should ensure that each customer leaves 100% satisfied with the product(s) that they purchased. Customer service is an important key to Palm Café's success. Keeping these objectives in mind will help the Palm Café achieve its goals.Now let's analyze Palm Café's current situation. Palm Café is striving to achieve business growth. Management must hire personnel for the new stores that open in the future. The new employees that lack experience will need additional training. We will also need new managers with the proper background required to run a café. Once Palm Café expands, positions for finance, store management, accounting, purchasing, and staff will be needed. Employees in those positions will eventually lead the departments as business grows. The first store's performance will be key in helping us determine business decisions and future prospects. As a team, departments will...

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