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Palm Oil is a type of vegetable oil collected from palm fruit. Palm oil plants are originally from Western Africa, but can cultivate wherever there is heat and rainfall are sufficient. Today almost all of the palm oil is exported from Indonesia or Malaysia. Immense amount of untouched rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia is slashed and burned each year in may lead the extinction of our beloved orangutans. Palm Oil is an extremely popular oil amongst manufacturers Cadbury, Chanel, Colgate, Earthly Essentials etc. because of the variety of foods they can use the palm oil for. Examples are the baked goods, confectionery, cosmetics, body products and cleaning agents. In many countries there is no law stating that they need to show on the package that palm oil was used in the product. Many companies hide palm oil under the name of vegetable oil.
It has been suggested that 300 football fields worth of palm trees are removed every hour just for manufacturers to get their grubby hands on Palm Oil. The United Nations Environment Programme {UNEP} acknowledges that Malaysia and Indonesia are the main cause for this destruction is the development of palm oil plantations. The burning of these plantations is causing major air pollution in Southeast Asia. It releases Carbon Dioxide into the air and atmosphere that contribute to global warming. Research shows that 20% of all global carbon emissions comes burning fossil fuels come from rainforest destruction. Deforestation of palm oil plantations is alone responsible for the habitat loss of threatened and endangered species. Superiorly clearing of the forests impacted the Asian Elephant, Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Orangutans. The Asian elephant and Bornean Orangutans are endangered and the Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Sumatran Orangutans are Critically Endangered. The clearing of the rainforest also lead to the eviction of forest dwelling people. The clearing of the forest also results in Soil Erosion. Erosion can be aided when the clearing of the forest is not done properly meaning that uprooting all these plants leave the soil uncovered so it is free to go wherever it wants but having the plants there helps keep the soil in place and build a good and strong foundation.

The palm oil industry employs 570,000 people in Malaysia, Having plantations in poor countries ensures that the people don’t speak out against them which means that if the palm oil industry drove out the forest dwelling people from the forest they wouldn’t speak out against them because of the higher job levels and amount of money they make. The money they make in Indonesia probably provides them with a weeks’ worth of food. Serious conflicts have arose because palm oil industries have ignored the rights of the local community. The palm oil industry is very vital to the economics of Indonesia and Malaysia, the economy also include other developing countries , so if you simply put a halt on palm oil production it won’t be an easy...

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