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Palm Vein Technology Essay

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Technical Paper PresentationOnPalm Vein Technology(Security Issue)Abstract:Palm vein technologies are one of the up coming technologies which is highly secure. It is the world's first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein patterns in human palms to confirm a person's identity. It is highly secure because it uses information contained within the body and is also highly accurate because the pattern of veins in the palm is complex and unique to each individual. Moreover, its contact less feature gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric authentication technologies.The palm secure works by capturing a person's vein pattern image ...view middle of the document...

This paper also describes some examples of financial solutions and product applications for the generalmarket that have been developed based on this technology. Typically palm vein authentication technology consists of a small palm vein scanner that's easy and natural to use, fast and highly accurate.Introduction:In the ubiquitous network society, where individuals can easily access their information anytime and anywhere, people are also faced with the risk that others can easily access the same information anytime and anywhere. Because of this risk, personal identification technology, which can distinguish between registered legitimate users and imposters, is now generating interest.Currently, passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (4-digit PIN numbers) or identification cards are used for personal identification. However, cards can be stolen, and passwords and numbers can be guessed or forgotten. To solve these problems, biometric authentication technology, which identifies people by their unique biological information, is attracting attention. In biometric authentication, an account holder's body characteristics or behaviors (habits) are registered in a database and then compared with others who may try to access that account to see if the attempt is legitimate.Fujitsu has researched and developed biometric authentication technology focusing on four methods: fingerprints, faces, voiceprints, and palm veins. Among these, because of its high accuracy, contact less palm vein authentication technology is being incorporated into various financial solution products for use in public places.The Palm Secure sensor developed by Fujitsu is a biometric authentication solution offering optimum levels of security. Palm Secure detects the structure of the pattern of veins on the palm of the human hand with the utmost precision.Background:The ability to verify identity has become increasingly important in many areas of modern life, such as electronic government, medical administration systems, access control systems for secure areas, passenger ticketing, and home office and home study environments. Technologies for personal identification include code numbers, passwords, and smart cards, but these all carry the risk of loss, theft, forgery, or unauthorized use. It is expected that biometric authentication technology, which authenticates physiological data, will be deployed to supplement - or as an alternative to - these other systems.The Fujitsu Group has developed biometric authentication technologies based on fingerprints, voice, facial features, and vein patterns in the palm, and has also combined two or more of these capabilities in multi-biometric authentication systems. Although biometric authentication is already being used to some extent by companies and government authorities, for it to gain wider acceptance, it needs to be considered less intrusive, and concerns about hygiene need to be addressed.For that reason, there is a market need for...

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