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1.Interviewer's Question: How do you establish and maintain a good student-teacher relationship?Shayolonda's Response: In order to establish and maintain a good student-teacher relationship it is the instructor's responsibility to set the atmosphere in the classroom. This may include welcoming the students with a smile daily when they enter the classroom. It is important to b sensitive to students concerns. A good example of being sensitive to students concerns would include keeping their grades and personal information confidential. Exposing children's personal information can make them feel uncomfortable towards their class mates. It is vital that teachers be fair. This means that the teacher treats all students in the classroom equally. Under no circumstance should any student receive special treatment. It is important to be genuine with your class. This simply means to provide them with honest answers to their concerns or questions. Show them that you are human just like they are. It is important for the teacher to consider their audience. Instructors should reduce the use of extrinsic control. If a problem in the classroom can be solved within the classroom that is great. It is important to keep students in class as much as possible. It is significant that teachers know their students strengths. Teachers should also develop communication skills with their students. This may include active listening, problem solving, open-ended questioning, and attending and acknowledging (Weinstein& Mignano, 2007)2.Interviewer's Question: What is your opinion: Do students come in class with a desire to learn or is it the teacher's job to foster a desire to learn?Shayolonda's Response: I am neutral to this question because my five and seven year old sons love going to school. A truly educated individual continues to learn long after the hours spent in a classroom because he or she is motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love of knowledge (The Register Guard, 2001, p.1). Some students have a desire to go to school and learn. They are impelled to seek to learn. I also think it is ultimately the teacher's responsibility to foster a desire to learn. Students enter their classroom depending on the teacher to teach them new strategies for successful learning. It is the teacher's responsibility to create a balance between student's time receiving information and practicing skills and their time actively constructing, assimilating, and applying information in real context. I believe that some subjects are better taught in certain ways with certain approaches that grab student's attention. I believe that how well I personally learnt rests unequivocally with the teachers I encountered. I now know that an innovative and enthusiastic teacher can achieve so much more than just good results from the students; a sense of loyalty, willingness to learn and a desire to do well can be developed, along a sense of well being and belonging.3.Interviewer's Question:...

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