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Panel Presentation Essay

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The panel presentation was held on Friday, April 25th, 2014. This presentation took place in 280 Park Hall from 9:00 to 11:30a.m. The panel presentation was a free event for anyone who was interested in attending. It was held by faculty members from University at Buffalo, Columbia University, and Hofstra University. The panel presentation was sponsored by The Center for Disability Studies, The Humanities Institute, The gender Institute, and the Faculty Advisory Committee of the Cultures and Texts. The name of this panel presentation was called Writing Disabled Lives. I first learned about this event from a class announcement from one of the TA’s. I didn’t have any personal reasons on ...view middle of the document...

There was also a wide ranges of age difference from college students to soon to become seniors. I recognized a few classmates who attended this event who were sitting in the back row. Other than my professor and some fellow classmates, I didn’t recognize anyone. The elders all seemed like they knew one another, however the students, most of them sitting in the back row, were not part of the same community as the elders.
The panel presentation pretty predictable in the case of how many people would attend the event and who would attend the event. I expected there to be elder aged folks present because topics like this do not get much attention towards the younger generation. There were a few people who attended this event who were disabled. I did feel like I didn’t belong in the group because the topic of discussion did not interest me. I don’t think anyone was reaching out for any newcomers, rather, I overheard one of the members say why there were so many students here and something along the lines of whether they were here because they wanted to be or whether they were encouraged by their professors. Other than that, nothing unusually or surprising happened, everything went according to schedule.
The Panel Discussion started after everyone settled down, which occurred from 9:50 until 11:30. We were greeted with our host Mike Remus. I’m not sure if I heard his name correctly and I apologize his spelled his name incorrectly but Mike introduced himself and our four guest speakers. I believe Mike said he was a faculty member from UB. My assumption of Mike was that he was a paraplegic since he was in a wheelchair. My first thought of him was how difficult life must be like living with a disability that didn’t allow you to move your legs. He didn’t discuss anything about his disability, but I don’t think he needed to talk about himself since it wasn’t necessarily appropriate in a panel presentation on discussing disabled life writing.
We were provided a pamphlet which gave us a brief biographical summary of the four speakers who will be presenting in this event. Our four speakers who will take part in the panel discussion are Rachel Adams, G.T. Couser, Joseph Valente, and my professor for American...

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