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Panera Bread Case Study

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Panera BreadKatrina Coppage, Keith Fleming, Errol Hampton, & Blake WallaceMGMT 4303Introduction:Panera Bread is one of the great American success stories of breaking trends, and shaking up the market with complete innovation. Not only were they successful, but they were able to achieve this success while doing things their own way. Product and Service differentiation were the keys to this bakery-café's success. Before Panera Bread's creation in ___, never had a business combined the relaxing environment of a café with the fresh aroma of an artisan's bakery. This proved to be a gold mine for its owner and stakeholders, and the analysis of this period from 2001 to 2003 shows exactly why. In this analysis, we will examine the success factors of Panera Bread and explain why they were able to achieve some of the goals they had accomplished thus far. We will also explain some alternatives and opportunities that Panera Bread may look forward to taking advantage of in the future.Panera Bread's mission was to create the bakery-café; a place the combined the welcoming atmosphere of coffee shops, the food of sandwich shops, and the quick service of fast food restaurants. They named this type of service "fast-casual" dining and the term fits because of the atmosphere and quality of service they were able to provide. Panera Bread targeted 5 key consumer dining needs which include the following:BreakfastLunchDaytime "chill-out"Lunch in the EveningBetween Lunch and DinnerBy targeting all of these meal categories, Panera Bread was able to become a cultural phenomenon.Corporate Governance:
Board of Directors

Ronald M. Shaich*

Larry J. Franklin

Fred K. Foulkes

Domenic Colasacco

Thomas E. Lynch

George E. Kane

*Top SharesRonald M. Shaich is the owner and top shareholder with 94.6% of the Class B Common Stock. To maintain order, all of the other directors were placed in positions on various committees. These include Compensation, Nominations, and Audit committees which are essential to the proper function of the business.
Top Management

Paul E. Twohig

Neal J. Yanofsky

Mark A. Borland

Scott G. Davis

Michael J. Kupstas

Mark E. Hood

John M. Maguire

Michael J. Nolan

This category includes all of the executive officers who did not serve on the board of directors. All of these men have a vast amount of experience and have even served in many positions throughout the fast food industry. Some have even served in essential positions for some of the competition.Financial Ratios:*amounts in thousands of dollarsPanera Breads financial statements directly reflect their massive growth over this three year period. They also help us to visualize the emergence of their fast casual dining powerhouse. Over this period Panera Bread was able to work effectively and as the wheels began to turn, they never looked back. They were able to sweep the nation and create their own industry and target market.Profitability:Return on Assets:...

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