Panmunjeom (Not The Cheese!) Essay

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Panmunjeom (Not the Cheese!)
One of the most important events of an incredibly influential war in the mid-1900s took place near the border of a warring country that was soon split into two. Its name was Panmunjeom. This city was the site of the armistice negotiations between North Korea and their allies, and the UN, mainly the United States of America. Panmunjeom gave rise to the most important conversation of the Korean War, ended the fighting between countries, and is currently one of the world's most heavily guarded tourist attractions.
The negotiations between the UN and North Korea were extremely tense, and the North Koreans paid no mind to political customs among the modern Caucasian people, instead preferring to postpone the talks, as well as referring to the UN with hateful names. One Northern negotiator called a Western man a "capitalist crook, rapist, thief, robber of pennies from the eyes of the dead, mongrel of uncertain origin," a "murderer lying in the gutter with filthy garbage," a war-monger, and a consort of rams (Vatcher 49). The Eastern men also claimed, in the first months of the armistice agreements, that the United Nations negotiators had violated the neutrality agreement of the meeting and had murdered a Communist leader who supported the Kim IlSung regime. The Westerners believed that the man, Yao, had simply been killed by a rival faction. IlSung, however, wanted to make Yao out to be a heroic martyr, and began orchestrating an elaborate and 'spontaneous' memorial service for the man (Vatcher 50).
The matters to be established were where the cessation of hostilities line –the boundary – would be, what the enduring appointments would be to sustain the armistice, the exchange of detainees of battle and provisions for achieving a supplementary exhaustive defrayal of the encounter. Throughout the lasting years of the combat there were hostile actions alongside the now practically stationary front as the groups desired to impact the conferences by winning skirmishes. By 1953, China and the United States of America were impatiently awaiting a resolution to the stalemate. Dwight Eisenhower, the United States’ president at the time, increased the barraging of North Korea and deliberated threatening the usage of nuclear weaponries if the PRC didn’t settle to ceasefire ("Peace Talks at Panmunjom - The Korean War."). However, the hindrance wasn’t China, but the Soviet forerunner, Joseph Stalin. He thought enduring the conflict was to the advantage of the Soviet Union, from his viewpoint. His death on March 5th, 1953, finally allowed the hostilities to end. A four kilometer (2.5 mile) wide demilitarized region, on the track held on the day the armistice came into consequence, was settled ("Korean Talks Held in Panmunjom”). Captives were swapped and extra discussions for a all-inclusive amity were arranged, but did not happen. A conference amongst the countries involved failed to touch on settlement and ceased in 1955. South and North...

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