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Pantomime, One Robots Search For Rhythm. A Children's Story Parallel To Herman Hess' Sidhartha Using Original Charaters And Plot Line.

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Pantomime watched as all the other robots in the factory danced.He tapped his little metal toe off beat and turned down all thelady-bots that asked him to boogie. Oh, how he yearned to be inthe spotlight twisting his metal torso from side to side with thetempo, but the last time he tried he was laughed at and shunnedby the others. You see, a mishap at the factory caused poorPantomime to be built without an important coordination sprocket.Without that metal piece, his danced moved appeared as if hehadn't had his joints oiled in days.Pantomime became sadder and sadder with each day. He moved slowlyand didn't do any of the work assigned to him. He was jealous ofall of the other robots, and bitter that he was built without hisinner coordination sprocket. He decided he had to have words withthe factory owner."Mr. Factory owner, Sir?" beeped the robot."Yes Pantomime," said the man, "what can I do for you?""Sir, it must be no secret to you that I just simply can not busta move."The factory owner nodded."It makes me very upset, Sir. Dancing is my passion. If I can notdance I can not function properly. I want to ask you if it wouldbe possible to have my coordination piece installed. It wouldmean so much Sir, and would make me so happy.""Oh Pantomime, I apologize, but that inner piece has not beenmanufactured for many, many years." explained the man. "I amafraid it would be impossible to find."That night, while the other robots recharged, Pantomime stood infront of a shiny steel wall. He jerked his arms and legs andstudied his reflection while he tried to dance."There must be someone, someplace that has that inner piece!" hecried. "I have to go find it and prove to the others that I candance. I just have to."So Pantomime packed some extra batteries and fuel in a bag andset out on his journey.'I'm going to find my inner piece.' thought the determined robot.He couldn't bear another day of watching the others twist, tango,and mash potato.Pantomime first came upon a large building just a few miles awayfrom the factory. "Cal's Line Dancing Studio. Fun for the wholefamily." read the sign. Curious, Pantomime entered the studio andwas at once thrilled by what he saw. Moms and dads and childrenand grandparents all dressed in western costumes, andsimultaneously stomping to country music."Hey there!" called Cal from the front of the studio."Come on and join in on the fun!"Stomp. One, two, rock forward. Curtsy, three, four, do-si-do,stomp. One, two, rock forward. Curtsy, three, four, do-si-do...This went on for days.Pantomime learned the line dances quite quickly, and even Cal wasimpressed with his success, but the robot just still wasn'thappy.'I want to be original. I want to be able to do all kinds ofdances. These people all look like herded cattle.' he thought.'Besides, I still have not found my inner piece. I bet once Ifind it I will be able to break dance with the best of them! I amwasting my time here.'Pantomime was very thankful to Cal and his students for...

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