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There has always been a need and a desire to tap into the celebrity lifestyle. The paparazzo is our window into this world. While the paparazzi are important in getting the stunning images of celebrities smiling on the red carpet, they overstep boundaries when they snap images of said persons without makeup as they ask their private houses. Consider the vital issue of paparazzi reform. The job of paparazzi is stressful on the body and mind; being a celebrity with your life broadcasted at every second has similar effects. The physical and mental problems faced by the men and women responsible for the photos are frightening. There is a real privacy issue when talking about the paparazzi. ...view middle of the document...

Not only this but whole lives are put at risk. Paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed by a passing SUV while trying to photograph a Justin Bieber story (Justin Bieber, Paparazzi Accident: When Do The Paparazzi Go Too Far?). The fact that men and women are killed just to fill public desire is sickening. By definition, the paparazzo is a freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers. “Doggedly,” meaning single-mindedly or relentlessly puts the job of the paparazzo into a realm of negatives. This is where the reform comes in.
The life of celebrities is not always easy. Often, the men and woman that once begged for the paparazzi to come to them now resent the thought of one. “Further to the invasion of privacy there is an unnecessary hounding of public figures” (Paparazzi and press intrude too much into celebrities lives). The way that the celebrity is viewed is almost like an animal in the zoo that must be photographed. Mental and physical issues are endowed to celebrities and their children. “[Jennifer] Garner noted that every day, there are up to 15 cars of photographers waiting outside their home,” and that her seventeen-month-old and four-year-old would cry and not understand why (Bushak). Many would say that being stalked by the press is a price of fame, and that they got famous for and by it. Celebrities and actors signed up for the business to do just that, act or perform scenarios. They do not sign up to have to have their personally stories on display for everyone. This can mentally affect the actors, and example being Heath Ledger (Burke). Every moment of the life of a celebrity is broadcasted by paparazzi from every angle, so how can one hide.
There should be certain levels of privacy and safety for the celebrity. There are many accounts of celebrities getting hurt by the paparazzi. Actress Nicole Kidman was hit and brought down by paparazzi on a bicycle (Dawn). Pop artist Harry Styles was brought to tears with bruises and abrasions as he was pushed through a crowd of fans and photographers (Lee). And we all know of stories of celebrity suicides and overdoses due to the stress of their image. Do not forget the children either. The families of famous celebrities are stalked in the same way that the celebrity is. This can scare children, and also in the end give them an inflated sense of self-worth (Bushak). The scariest part of the blooming business is that anyone can be a paparazzo nowadays. It is clear that “paparazzi break laws and speed and invade privacy to get photos. They are some stunningly creative people” (Murray). Numerous may say that the celebrities put themselves into the situations they are in with paparazzi. The paparazzo feels as though the celebrity would be nothing without their exposure, when the celebrity made their own career. That is why the paparazzi must learn decency and restriction.

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