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Pape Essay

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Cultural government is most responsible for causing the low Palestinian voter turn out. The Palestinian leaders have guided its citizens to not cast ballots. The Palestine’s have a large population and could effect the local government if the culture allowed them to. The cultural government represents on the ground values and problems. The Palestinian’s are fighting for their cultural identity. Many have speculated that as a result of the low Palestinian voting the Palestine’s are powerless.
Alternative Explanations
Although some believe state or global government is the cause I disagree. The global government can assist both Palestine and Israel but does not have the ability to get the Palestinian population to vote. On the other hand state did not cause the voter turn out but also does not have the capacity to fix it. The Palestinians are not voting because of cultural values.
Since the Middle East war in 1967; negotiations and peace plans have taken place. The BBC staff article, “History of Mid-East Peace Talks” discusses the many programs that were attempted. The first peace proposal was known as Resolution 242. The BBC staff includes, “territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized bounties free from threats or acts of force”(BBC 2013). The current history of Israel has boarders that shift often dealing with fighting and territorial claims? Another attempt for peace was the road map in 2003. The U.N, United States, European Union and Russia created a draft of a possible settlement outline but flexible for negotiation between (Help). The global government attempted to assist the population in Jerusalem but no action was acted. The most recent peace talk took place in Washington in 2010. Barack Obama wanted the Israelis and Palestinians to resume the peace process. The Palestinian and Israeli leaders didn’t meet more than one time (BBC 2013). The United States attempted to help but the Israel and Palestinian state governments were stubborn.
The Body
While the Palestine’s argue that Jerusalem is their future capital the Israelis beg to differ. Jodi Rudoren wrote an article describing the tradition of non-voting for Palestinians to keep them powerless. Rudoren includes, “there are about 360,000 Palestinian residents in this officially united but deeply divided city of 800,000, perhaps 160,000 of them eligible voters. Yet in the 2008 election, 2,744 East Jerusalem Arabs voted a participation rate of 1.8 percent, compared with 60 percent of the city’s Jewish neighborhoods (Rudoren 2013)”. In order for the Palestinian state government to gain power the culture must encourage voting. Although the leaders of Palestine have not encourage voting for decades the citizens hold the power. In fact Alaa Obedid stated in the article, “…Palestinian residents rarely thought about why they did not vote. It is just not part of the culture”(Rudoren...

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