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The Effects Of Domestic Terrorism Essay

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Domestic terrorism has played a major part in shaping the societies of the United States. The ideologies of individuals can become radicalized. This can lead to a movement. This movement involves the infliction of fear upon the communities, in attempt to make it a better world. It is critical to examine the events created by one man’s extreme ideologies in effort to better understand.
Eric Robert Rudolph seemed to be the typical American. He joined the United States Army. After serving about two years he was discharged. He began working as a carpenter within his community. Eventually he became immersed within Christian Identity movements and anti-Semitic ideologies. “Identity believers are fiercely opposed to race-mixing, abortion and homosexuality.” (Anti-Defamation League.). His beliefs were against homophobic relationships as well as abortion. These beliefs grew stronger with his attendance at the Church of Israel in Schell City, Missouri (CNN Library).
Furthermore, his ideologies grew stronger as part of the Nord Davis community. It is believed by investigators that Rudolph was part of the Army of God. The Army of God believed that the chosen race by God was Caucasians. All other races were inferior to them. Rudolph’s anti-abortion and anti-gay ideologies were used in the determination of his targets. The targets he would bomb include the 1996 U.S. Summer Olympic Games, a night club designated for homosexuals, as well as abortion clinics.
In addition, Rudolph’s most notable attack occurred during the 1996 U.S. Summer Olympic Games. The explosion left two dead and injuring hundreds more. There was a call to emergency personnel informing them of the bomb thirty minutes prior to the detonation. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed the warning call was made by a white American male with an indistinguishable accent.” (Thomas, P.). Another aspect that investigators found interesting was that there was no explanation of the attack as well as no organization claimed responsibility. Rudolph has been noted stating that the reason for the bomb at the Olympic Games was to punish the U.S. government.
Furthermore, Rudolph’s attacks continued. Investigators were unaware of the perpetrator or the connection of these attacks. Only small details such as the phone call made prior to the explosion gave information on the person(s) responsible. The death toll of these bombings was very small in comparison to other terrorists’ attacks domestic and foreign. However, the impact of the Olympic Games attack reached around the world. This specific attack was surrounded by international media.
In January 1997, outside Atlanta, Georgia an abortion clinic was bombed. There were no victims who died from this attack. While emergency responders’ were dealing with this terrorizing result another explosion occurred. This explosion origin came from a large trash bin next to the building. The result of this detonation increased the...

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